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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 
08:30–18:00 Exhibition time
08:30–09:30 Bo Holmstedt Memorial Foundation (BHMF) Keynote Lecture
Chair Prof. Thomas Weiser
Location Slovak National Theatre (SNT) - Opera Hall
09:30–10:00 Coffee Break
09:30–13:00 Poster Session 3
Location Slovak National Theatre (SNT) - 3rd and 4th floor
10:00–12:00 Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Affiliated Society Sponsored Session
Theme The importance of toxicokinetics for human risk assessment  Complex environmental mixtures – a challenge for understanding the mechanism of toxic action of PAHs  Contamination of nanoparticles in determining immunotoxic and inflammatory effects: revisiting the basic concepts of nanotoxicology  Botanical safety evaluation in the era of alternatives  ESTIV GIVIMP/GCCP session
Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details
Promoter NVT - Dutch Society of Toxicology  Czech Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology  ITCASS -  Immunotoxicology Chemical
Allergy Specialty Section of EUROTOX
Procter & Gamble ESTIV – European Society for Toxicology in Vitro, EUROTOX Affiliated Society
UKEMS - United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society
Chairs MSc. Peter Bos Prof. Marie Stiborova Prof. Diana Boraschi Dr. Nigel  Walker Dr. Sandra Coecke
Dr. Minne Heringa Dr. Volker Manfred Arlt Prof. Albert Duschl Dr.  Catherine Mahony Prof. Bas Blaauboer
Location and room name SNT - Drama Hall  SNT - Studio SNT - Opera Hall Sheraton - Ballroom SNT - Blue Lounge
12:00–13:00  SOT/EUROTOX Debate 
Location Slovak National Theatre (SNT) - Opera Hall
13:00–14:00 LUNCH /  Exhibition viewing
14:00–16:00 Session 17
Session 18
Session 19
Session 20
Theme Toxicity of prescription opioids: improving knowledge to fight a worldwide threat  New approaches to skin sensitisation safety assessment  Ah receptor at the crossroads between drug metabolism
and barrier
Stem cell systems and 3D technologies: implementation for in vitro liver toxicology assessment   
Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details  
Promoter EAPCCT – European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists, EUROTOX Affiliated Society  Cosmetics Europe Carcinogenesis Specialty Section  SPF - Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa / Portuguese Society of Pharmacology   
Chairs Dr. Jody Green Dr. Andreas Schepky Prof. Dieter Schrenk Prof. Joana Miranda  
Prof. Bruno Mégarbane  Silvia Casati  Dr. Jan Vondracek Prof. Laura Suter-Dick  
Location and room name SNT - Drama Hall SNT - Opera Hall SNT - Studio Sheraton - Ballroom  
15:00–18:30 Poster Session 4
Location Slovak National Theatre (SNT) - 3rd and 4th floor
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break
16:30–18:30 Session 21
Session 22
Session 23
Session 24
Theme Oxidatively Damaged Nucleic Acids – Analyses and Roles in Disease  Long-Term (Inhalation) Toxicity of Poorly Soluble Nano Materials  Hands-on risk assessment in the 21st century: reports from the front line  Approaches for the assessment of next generation tobacco and nicotine products   
Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details Session Details  
Promoter Turkish Society of Toxicology  BMUB, BAUA  EUROTOX Corporate Program Committee  Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.    
EUROTOX Molecular Toxicology Society   
Chairs Dr. Hilmi Orhan Prof. Thomas Gebel Dr. Hans Ketelslegers Erin Hill  
Prof. Vesna Matovic Dr. Robert  Landsiedel Prof. Ruth Roberts Dr. Wallace A. Hayes  
Location and room name SNT - Drama Hall  SNT - Opera Hall SNT - Studio Sheraton - Ballroom  



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