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Sightseeing Tours

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Tour Duration Price Persons 10.9. 11.9. 12.9. 13.9.
Bratislava Great City Tour
1, 5 hrs 20 € 10 15:00 - 16:30     9:00 - 10:30
Walking tour in Bratislava 
3 hrs 8 € 10   14:00 - 17:00 10:00 - 13:00  
Small Carpathian Wine Tour
6 hrs 85 € 10   10:00 - 16:00    
Devin Castle Tour with Currant Wine
3 hrs 65 € 10     10:00 - 13:00 10:00 - 13:00
Art on Danube - Speedboats
& Danubiana gallery 
3 hrs 80 € 6   10:00 - 13:00 10:00 - 13:00  

T01 Bratislava Great City Tour 

Meeting point: Hviezdoslav Square - nearby the historical building of Opera or Main Square.
Price: € 20 per person Duration: 1,35 hours
Min. 10 pax

The price includes: Combination of the Castle and the Old Town Tour by Presporacik® Oldtimer with audio guide in 15 languages with 15 minutes’ break at the Bratislava Castle.

 Presporacik-Oltimer is a unique sightseeing vehicle with certified audio-guiding in 15 languages.

Castle Tour - Hop on a ride with our professional audio guide all way to the medieval courtyard of the Bratislava Castle, all on the wheels of unique Presporacik vehicles/ bus. You will learn about the uniqueness of the inverted pyramid, fun facts like the place where the first UFO is believed to have been spotted, what’s the actual name of the President’s Palace, etc.
Old Town Tour - In the old town you will experience unique sightseeing tour either by our Presporacik vehicles. You will be enriched with a romantic experience, a cultural insight along with legends that enhance the atmosphere of the pedestrian zone. You will learn about our coronation history, the times when Bratislava was once the capital city of Royal Hungary, the main hub for classical music visited by Mozart, Haydn, Liszt and many more.
Great City Tour – Combination of the Castle and Old Town Tour


T02 Walking tour in Bratislava

Meeting point: hotel Sheraton
Price: € 8 per person Duration: 3 hours
Min. 10 pax

The price includes: Walking tour through the most interesting places of the town with a professional guide. Entrance fee is not included.

Would you like to take a walk in the oldest streets of the Old Town and learn some interesting facts? This unique tour will acquaint you with the legends and most fascinating sites of the cobblestoned streets and back alleys of the pedestrian zone. You will see the nicest areas of the Old Town of Bratislava - you will see the Main Square, with the Old Town Hall rising from a corner of the Main Square; Roland Fountain, the oldest fountain in the city; St. Martin's Cathedral, the coronation Cathedral of Hungarian Kings; ancient St. Clare’s Church; St. Michael's Gate, the last well-preserved town gate; the executioner's house; Venturska Street, site of the rich musical life of the city; many palaces from the time of Empress Maria Theresa; the beautiful Slovak National Theatre and Slovak Philharmonic; Primate's Palace; and many other remarkable sites. Galleries, museums, churches, etc., can be visited during the tour.


T03 Small Carpathian Wine Tour

Meeting point: hotel Sheraton
Price: € 85 per person
Min. 10 pax

The price includes: Transfer by bus, English speaking guide, entry to the Red Stone Castle, wine tasting.

You will be taken through the colorful villages and small towns of St. Jur, Pezinok, and Modra, which lie in the foothills of the Small Carpathian Mountains, where the most famous producers of top-flight Slovak wines have served locals and kings for centuries. Tour includes:
• Private transfer
• Private guide
• Red Stone Castle
• Wine tasting


T04 Devin Castle Tour with Currant Wine Tasting

Meeting point: hotel Sheraton
Price: € 65 per person 
Min. 10 pax

The price includes: Transfer by car/bus, English speaking guide, entrance fee to Devin Castle, current wine tasting.

Interested in history and wine tasting? Excellent! These impressive ruins have amazing surroundings, rich history and are easily reachable from the city center by bus /car   in 30 minutes.
This extraordinary tour consists of these parts:
• Transfer by private car / bus to the Devin Castle
• Private guide
• Wine tasting in cozy tavern

For photography lovers this is a place that simply must be added to your collection. Guided tour starts with the Devin Castle tour. Enjoy with us a place, where from one point you will see: two countries, two rivers meeting and the ruins of a castle that was blown up by Napoleon’s army. After the castle tour, your next stop will be the cozy local wine tavern “Viecha Sv. Urbana v Devíne”, situated just few minutes walking from the castle, where you will experience traditional taste of currant wine, so typical for this location.

The traditional local currant wine made from red and black currants alongside with Devin Castle and Devinska Kobyla has definitely belonged to Devin for many years. Wine tasting itself will be demonstrated by our experienced sommeliers. In autumn and winter the cellar is wood-fired. In the summer months you can enjoy a pleasant summer terrace. When the wine tasting is over, you will return back to Bratislava. 

T05 Art on Danube - Speedboats & Danubiana gallery

Meeting point: hotel Sheraton
Price: € 80 per person Duration: 3 hours
Min. 6 pax / speedboat

The price includes: Cruise by luxury Speedboats with a stop at the modern art gallery Danubiana, entrance fee to Danubiana gallery

Speedboats - water adventures Art Danubiana or rafting

Is modern art your cup of tea? You are lucky person! Less than 15 kilometers south of the centre of Bratislava, on the edge of a peninsula where the mighty Danube flows, stands one of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe – Danubiana. Highlights of the tour are:
• Transfer by private by Speedboats
• Original architecture given by unusual surrounding area
• Impressive exhibitions from various artist

The framework of its impressive architecture is formed by its unusual location on the borders of three neighboring countries, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, but above all by the superb contrast of the wide expanse of water, opens air and the endless banks of a dam. This architecture evokes the shape of a Roman galley bound in the shallows of a river and its diversity provides the opportunity to put on a wide variety of exhibitions. Let us show you this “must see” attraction, and you will not be disappointed!








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