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Bratislava Great City Tour for Accompanying persons

Hop on a ride with our professional audio guide to the  Bratislava Castle, all on the wheels of unique Presporacik vehicles/ historical  bus. You will be amazed by the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre, the coronation St. Martin´s Cathedral.  You will learn about the uniqueness of the inverted pyramid, fun facts like the place where the first UFO is believed to have been spotted, what’s the actual name of the President’s Palace, etc. In the old town you will experience unique sightseeing tour either by our Presporacik vehicles. You will be enriched with a romantic experience, a cultural insight along with legends that enhance the atmosphere of the pedestrian zone. You will learn about our coronation history, the times when Bratislava was once the capital city of Royal Hungary, the main hub for classical music visited by Mozart, Haydn, Liszt and many more.

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