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Bratislava´s taxis

Bratislava's taxis are not unified as for example in Berlin or New York. Bratislava has about 20 separate taxi firms with over 2,000 vehicles and at least one hundred additional drivers who are not signed up with any taxi company.

All taxis must carry a yellow “taxi” sign, name of a taxi service, prices and identification of drivers.

General recommendation is to avoid taxis which do not have short telephone number and the company name written on the door or on the car.

Prices of taxi services may differ significantly. By entering the taxi, you automatically agree with the taxi’s fare.

Taxis waiting at the taxi stand (including taxis waiting at the Railway station, Buss stations, Airport terminals) or hailed at the street are rather expensive (15 euro or more, even for short trips). Significanly cheeper option is to order taxi by phone. Taxi usually appears within 10 min since the call.

The taxi companies on the list below offer convinient prices and reliable services (not a complete list).
The organisers of the congress do not guarantee for the prices and services of the taxi companies above. For complaints and claims, contact the taxi service provides. 

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