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List of accepted posters


Abstract ID Poster board number Abstract title Type of poster Presenting author
4 P-04-08-01 Assessment of the phototoxicity of three different TiO2 nano-forms using reconstructed human tissue model EpiDerm printed poster only Liskova Alzbeta
176 P-09-03-01 Skin sensitization studies by quantitative structure-toxicity relationships (QSTR) approach e-poster and printed poster Sato Kazuhiro
177 P-05-01-01 Aluminum phosphide poisoning; a case of survival e-poster and printed poster Ramadan Nazih
182 P-05-03-01 Influence of nanoclay particles on hepatotoxicity and drug interaction toxicity in mice printed poster only Isoda Katsuhiro
184 P-04-02-01 An in vitro human skin test for assessing allergy and sensitization e-poster and printed poster Ahmed Shhaeda
185 P-04-02-02 Mechanism of carbamate pesticide-induced apoptosis in human immune cells e-poster and printed poster Li Qing
186 P-01-01-01 Effect of MLL modified H3K4me3 on aluminum induced cognitive impairment e-poster and printed poster Niu Qiao
187 P-04-06-01 Metabolic flux analysis in human dopaminergic neurons under toxicant stress printed poster only Delp Johannes
188 P-05-04-01 Acute Non-Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning e-poster and printed poster Kiat Wenceslao
189 P-05-01-02 Estimation of exposure dose and operator risk assessment of plant protection products with different dermal absorption default e-poster and printed poster You Are Sun
190 P-06-01-01 Biomonitoring of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) using bats: an approach to link environmental data and impact on ecosystem printed poster only Mansour Sameeh
191 P-07-07-01 Some antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs can inhibit enzyme acetylcholinesterase e-poster only Pohanka Miroslav
192 P-07-03-01 Cytotoxic activity of NN-32 toxin from indian spectacled cobra venom on human breast cancer cell line e-poster only Attarde Saurabh
193 P-09-02-01 Omics-based in vitro verification of an adverse outcome pathway of cholestatic liver injury printed poster only Rogiers Vera
194 P-10-00-01 Specific Toxicologist/Pathologist Responses for Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND) e-poster and printed poster Anzai Takayuki
195 P-05-02-01 Acetyl-L-carnitine attenuates arsenic-induced neurotoxicity through suppression of oxidative damages and inflammatory responses: a possible mechanism for neuroprotective effects printed poster only Keshavarz-Bahaghighat Hedieh
196 P-06-01-02 Exhausts toxicity investigation of turbojet engine, fed with conventional and biofuel, performed with aid of BAT-CELL method e-poster and printed poster Janicka Anna
197 P-09-04-01 New biochip array platform for the simultaneous screening of drugs of abuse in oral fluid in under 20 minutes printed poster only Dyttus O
199 P-04-11-01 Validity of T3, T4 and TSH hormone measurement and stepwise evaluation in juvenile rats based on OECD TG’s 422/421 e-poster and printed poster Marxfeld Heike
200 P-09-02-02 Application of the ToxTracker reporter assay in a mode of action approach for genetic toxicology assessment. e-poster and printed poster Hendriks Giel
201 P-01-01-02 Elevation of p-P53(S15) by cdk5 Contributes to neuronal apoptosis after exposure to benzo[a]pyrene e-poster and printed poster Nie Ji Sheng
202 P-09-04-02 Filter paper with chitosan membrane as platform for fast and simple blood glucose assay using phone camera detection printed poster only Martinková Pavla
203 P-01-01-03 Biperiden is an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase printed poster only Kostelník Adam
204 P-03-03-01 The role of second trimester ultrasonography in detection of fetal anomalies in exposure to class C, D, and X drugs printed poster only Boşgelmez İ İpek
205 P-01-02-01 A framework for environmental and health hazard assessment and ranking of polymers with limited data sets: Use of CLP/GHS mixture rules classification and GreenScreen® for safer chemicals methodology e-poster and printed poster Zachary Mouna
206 P-06-01-03 Biochemical- & neuro- toxicity of silver nanoparticle and silver nitrate in soil to Aporrectodea calginosa earthworms printed poster only Gooneratne Ravi
207 P-03-02-01 Benzo[a]pyrene-induced DNA damage associated with mutagenesis in primary human activated T lymphocytes e-poster and printed poster Liamin Marie
208 P-07-06-01 Contribution of mouse carcinogenicity study for safety assessment of pesticide approved in Japan e-poster and printed poster Morita Takeshi
209 P-09-05-01 Development of a novel genotoxicity evaluation method using a next-generation sequencer, linking chemical-induced mutations to human cancer printed poster only Matsumura Shoji
210 P-05-02-02 Development of an exposure indicator to hexavalent chromium: an in vitro evaluation with human blood. e-poster and printed poster DEVOY Jerome
211 P-04-05-01 Bioinformatic pipelines to predict respiratory toxicity and reduce animal testing e-poster only Koschmann Jeannette
212 P-03-02-02 Formation of DNA adducts of α- and β-asarone in vitro e-poster and printed poster Stegmüller Simone
213 P-03-02-03 DNA adduct formation in rat hepatocytes after incubation with estragole e-poster and printed poster Schulte-Hubbert Ruth
214 P-05-06-01 Functional and structural characteristics of two phospholipase A2-derived from Cerastes cerastes venom: structure-function relationship e-poster only Chérifi Fatah
216 P-07-03-02 Towards prediction of acute and chronic drug effects using multi-parameter profiling of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes e-poster and printed poster Mulder Petra
217 P-09-02-03 Accurate and reproducible dispensing of patterned picoliter quantities of tobacco extract onto apical surfaces of human 3D reconstructed airway tissues e-poster and printed poster Behrsing Holger
218 P-03-02-04 In vitro assessment of DNA damage in bone marrow CD34+ stem cells by the comet assay e-poster and printed poster Çal Tuğbagül
219 P-04-10-01 In vivo evaluation of the effects of aspirin eugenol ester administration upon sperm quality in mice printed poster only Kong Xiaojun
220 P-04-03-01 A 150-day oral dose toxicity study of aspirin eugenol ester in Wistar rats e-poster and printed poster Li Jianyong
221 P-04-05-02 Toxicoproteomic effects of carbon nanotubes on chronically exposed human lung cells e-poster and printed poster Zienolddiny Shan
222 P-04-03-02 Effect of bifenthrin on TNF α and interleukin 1β in mice livers e-poster and printed poster Nieradko-Iwanicka Barbara
223 P-04-03-03 Effect of the co-exposure of benzo[a]pyrene with ethanol on the progression of fatty liver disease printed poster only Tête Arnaud
224 P-09-02-04 Evaluation of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes e-poster and printed poster Goineau Sonia
226 P-01-02-02 Investigation of sleep quality in shipyard workers by wearable device printed poster only Chuang Hsiao-Chi
227 P-03-03-02 In-silico platform based on bioinformatic and chemoinformatic data to complement zebrafish embryo teratogenicity test e-poster and printed poster Ipiñazar Maitane
228 P-07-01-01 Hierarchical Bayesian estimation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations in foods in Finland printed poster only Hirvonen Tero
229 P-01-01-05 Assessment of cytotoxicity of pycnogenol in HepG2 cells treated with cisplatin e-poster and printed poster AYDIN SEVTAP
230 P-01-01-06 Effects of Curcumin on Cisplatin Cytotoxicity in HepG2 Cells e-poster and printed poster AYDIN SEVTAP
231 P-04-09-01 Use of non-invasive reflective biomarkers to monitor 3D cardiac microtissue viability and toxicity e-poster and printed poster Basak Jayati
232 P-01-02-03 Emergency department visits and risk factors for in-patient care in acute drug intoxication e-poster and printed poster Slankamenac Ksenija
233 P-01-01-07 Effects of different secondary particle sized nickel oxide nanomaterials on cytotoxicity and immune responses printed poster only Miyajima-Tabata Atsuko
234 P-09-01-01 Assessment of anaphylactic reactions by continuous temperature measurement printed poster only Allingham Philip
235 P-07-05-01 Synergistic effects of psyllium and allopurinol in reducing the increased serum levels of uric acid: A case report printed poster only Ebadollahinatanzi Alireza
236 P-07-01-02 Measurement of epigallocatechin 3-gallate content in Iranian green tea and its associations with total phenolic compounds and antioxidant levels thereof printed poster only Ebadollahinatanzi Alireza
237 P-09-03-02 Toxicity prediction modeling study for manufactured nanoparticles: Nano-toxicity relationships for human health and environment endpoints printed poster only Kim Kwang-Yon
238 P-01-02-04 Assessment of some (Q)SAR-based alternative methods of harmful chemicals and its systematization to support the activities facing regional regulations printed poster only Kim Kwang-Yon
239 P-04-03-04 Dendropanax morbifera ameliorates on thioacetamide-induced hepatic fibrosis printed poster only Kim Hyung Sik
240 P-07-07-02 Identification of sensitive biomarker, 3-indoxyl sulfate, to detecting acute kidney injury printed poster only Kim Hyung Sik
241 P-07-01-03 Protective Effect of Dendropanax morbifera on the Diabetes-Induced Renal Damage printed poster only Richa Sachan
242 P-04-04-01 Identification of a sensitive urinary biomarker, selenium-binding protein 1, for early detecting acute kidney injury in ischemia/reperfusion animal model printed poster only Lim Jong Seung
243 P-03-02-05 Refinement of in silico cytogenicity evaluation and development of an integrated testing strategy for carcinogenicity based on data science printed poster only Fujita Yurika
244 P-07-05-02 Determination of the maximum drug resistance in bacterial endophthalmitis printed poster only Ebadollahinatanzi Alireza
245 P-01-02-05 Known carcinogenic promoters of the liver and skin do not indicate cell proliferation activity in digestive system in 28-days repeated dose toxicity study in rats printed poster only Honda Hiroshi
246 P-07-03-03 Directed synthesis, toxicity and neuropharmacological activity of new amantаdine derivatives printed poster only Lazarova Maria
247 P-05-03-02 Size-segregated urban particulate matter characterization by electron microscopy and dynamic light scattering during the sample preparation printed poster only Marvanová Soňa
248 P-09-02-05 Establishment and characterization of a lung/liver organ-on-a-chip model printed poster only Bovard David
249 P-04-05-03 Comprehensive approaches for investigating the pulmonary inflammopathology of exposure to nickel oxide nanoparticles in mice printed poster only Chuang Hsiao-Chi
250 P-05-03-03 Toxicological assessment of magnesium oxide nanoparticle exposure in liver e-poster and printed poster Özhan Gül
251 P-07-07-03 Clarification of the molecular pathways responsible for neurotoxicity of a third generation synthetic cannabinoid: AKB48 e-poster and printed poster Öztaş Ezgi
252 P-07-01-04 Hydrogen peroxide: mediator of genetic toxicity in UV-C treated Pinot noir grape juice? printed poster only Kromm Lisa
253 P-09-02-06 Extension of the cytosensor microphysiometer test method toward cell impedance measurement e-poster and printed poster Wiest Joachim
254 P-09-07-01 Quantification of urinary tryptophan metabolites and evaluation of their potential use as urothelial cancer biomarkers e-poster and printed poster Li Lih-Ann
255 P-09-03-03 Predicting neurological targets for chemical neurotoxins using ToxCast in vitro data and read-across within QSAR Toolbox e-poster and printed poster Chushak Yaroslav
257 P-09-03-04 Validation of a model predicting the effect of 2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) chelation therapy in patients intoxicated by lead e-poster and printed poster Hunault Claudine C.
258 P-08-01-01 Epidemiological link between multiple chemical sensitivity/idiopathic environmental intolerance and birth by caesarean section. e-poster and printed poster Watai Kentaro
259 P-09-02-07 Development of an in-vitro testing battery to assess biocompatibility of medical devices e-poster and printed poster Mertl Elisabeth
260 P-05-03-04 Comparative study of the impact of CuO NMs and CuSO4 on differentiated Caco-2 intestinal cells and a co-culture mucus secreting Caco-2 model printed poster only Ude Victor Chibueze
261 P-09-02-08 Biological effects of whole-aerosol exposure of human bronchial tissues to cigarette smoke and nicotine-containing vapor printed poster only Ishikawa Shinkichi
262 P-09-07-02 DNA adducts as biomarkers of drug efficacy for personalized anticancer therapy printed poster only Geisen Susanne
263 P-01-02-06 Combinatorial model organism strategy to predict developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) printed poster only Rooseboom M.
264 P-05-01-03 Mutagenic activity of mixture of herbicides ethofumesate, phenmedipham, and desmedipham in two strains of laboratory mice: CBA*C57BL/6 and CD-1 printed poster only Masaltsev Gleb
265 P-05-01-04 Confirmation of the conception of proportionality with the example of a study of migratory-destructive curves for pesticides printed poster only Rakitskii Valerii
266 P-06-01-04 Hygienic regulation of MCPA (dimethylamine salt) in soil printed poster only Sinitskaya Tatiana
267 P-07-06-02 Classification and Labelling of Human Health and Environmental Hazards for Chemicals: Keeping a Global Perspective e-poster and printed poster Aggarwal Manoj
268 P-01-02-07 Investigation of Boron Mediated Reproductive and Developmental Effects in Highly Boron Exposed Population e-poster and printed poster Duydu Yalcin
269 P-07-03-04 Alginate micro encapsulation modulates the capsaicin cytotoxicity for its prospective use in diabetic neuropathy e-poster only Negrei Carolina
270 P-03-02-06 Genotoxicity evaluation of naringin on mammalian cell lines by micronucleus assay e-poster only Bacanlı Merve
271 P-07-01-05 Genetically modified MON810 maize: Wistar rats biochemical serum analysis printed poster only Ondrejková Júlia
272 P-01-01-08 Learning from approved kinase inhibitors to better inform on the safety risks of specific kinases. e-poster and printed poster Vicart Axel
273 P-08-01-02 Exposure data for toothpastes e-poster and printed poster Gomez-Berrada Marie-Pierre
275 P-07-04-01 Can occupational exposure to crystalline silica in ceramic industries affect the immune parameters? e-poster only Başaran Nurşen
276 P-04-07-01 CON4EI: EpiOcular Eye Irritation Tests  - OECD TG 492 and ET-50 (time-to-toxicity) protocols e-poster and printed poster Kandarova Helena
277 P-05-06-02 Cytotoxicity and anti-neuroinflammatory potential of novel quercetin-quinone conjugate printed poster only Škandík Martin
278 P-05-03-05 Studying the fetal bovine serum protein corona associated with single and multilayer graphene oxide nanomaterials e-poster only Franqui Lidiane Silva
279 P-07-07-04 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor is linked with novel food avoidance behaviour in Sprague-Dawley rats e-poster and printed poster Mahiout Selma
280 P-08-01-03 Biomarker Of Exposure Level Reductions Upon Switching From Cigarettes To A Carbon Heated Tobacco Product e-poster and printed poster Tran Cam Tuan
281 P-04-10-02 Exposure to 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether at late gestation changes signaling molecules in murine placenta printed poster only Leung Lai
282 P-01-02-08 How do expert groups judge data sufficiency to set Occupational Exposure Limits? e-poster only Schenk Linda
283 P-09-02-09 The CULTEX® Radial Flow System as in vivo model for the assessment of lung toxicity e-poster and printed poster Tsoutsoulopoulos Amelie
284 P-09-02-10 Development of an innovative bioreactor to simulate cutaneous absorption and metabolism for risk assessment purposes e-poster and printed poster Quantin Paul
285 P-07-07-05 CYP1B1*2 and CYP1B1*3 polymorphisms and clinical outcome in non-small cell lung cancer patients printed poster only Iscan Mumtaz
286 P-09-03-05 In silico evaluation of toxicity towards honey bees with QSAR models printed poster only Venko Katja
287 P-09-02-11 Searching for an alternative to BALB/3T3 cells to develop an effective method for simultaneous phototoxic and photogenotoxic screening system e-poster and printed poster Zgadzaj Anna
288 P-09-03-06 Can in-silico calculations assess phototoxicity  of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs? e-poster and printed poster Aguilera-Porta Neus
289 P-04-03-05 In vitro assessment of changes in ADMETOX gene regulation - an emerging tool for the identification of potential toxicities and interactions e-poster and printed poster Webber Guy
290 P-03-02-07 Antigenotoxic effect of Polyscias filicifolia extracts and phenolic acids evaluated by the umu-test. e-poster and printed poster Figat Ramona
291 P-07-03-05 Effects of estrogen and progesterone long term exposure on a2780, hepg2 and ht29 cell lines proliferation e-poster only Hariri Sara
292 P-11-00-01 The TOX-OER project: Learning Toxicology through Open Educational Resources. An International experience in permanent education. e-poster and printed poster Vicente-Vicente R. Laura
293 P-04-05-04 Evaluation of FABP4 as a novel urinary biomarker of drug-induced kidney injury in a preclinical model printed poster only Gryshkova Vitalina
294 P-05-04-02 In-use consumer safety of formaldehyde-donor preservatives used in personal care products e-poster and printed poster Kupny Joanna
295 P-04-06-02 Association between pyrethroid exposure and neurodegenerative disorders e-poster and printed poster ANADON ARTURO
296 P-01-02-09 Ambient air pollution in Beirut: attributable cancer risk and mortality burden e-poster and printed poster Dhaini Hassan
297 P-04-06-03 Behaviorally Active Environmental Chemicals Target Genes of Cell-Autonomous Control of Neural Progenitors and Interneuron Development in Hippocampus. Possible microRNA Involvement e-poster and printed poster Lichtensteiger Walter
298 P-02-02-01 Human health risks from Chloramine-T use in food production and food processing industry: co-induction of cytochrome P4504A1 and peroxisome proliferation e-poster and printed poster MARTÍNEZ-LARRAÑAGA MARÍA-ROSA
299 P-09-02-12 Multiparametric assessment of the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs on the (electro)physiology of Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes printed poster only Hechard Celine
300 P-01-01-09 Nickel sulfate regulates IL-12 cytokine family in human dendritic cells impacting T-cell polarization: novel role for Jak-STAT and NFIL-3 pathways e-poster and printed poster Pallardy Marc
301 P-01-01-10 ERK 1/2 kinases are essential for the benzo[a]pyrene genotoxic damage in lung cells printed poster only Vázquez Gerardo
302 P-09-02-13 Detecting the non-ionizing radiation induced genotoxicity by the Comet assay method printed poster only Németh Zsuzsanna
303 P-09-01-02 Engraftment of human glioblastoma for tumorigenicity evaluation through intracerebroventricular injection in BALB/c nude mice printed poster only Noh Jung-Ho
304 P-09-02-14 Hazard identification in novel antimicrobials assessed by methods in vitro printed poster only Kejlová Kristina
305 P-01-02-10 Comparison of routine clinical pathology parameters in wistar han rats at different ages e-poster and printed poster Wang Zhimei
307 P-01-02-11 A study on the heavy metal contents of cosmetic products in Korea printed poster only Choi Yongkyu
308 P-05-03-06 Toxic effects of silica nanoparticles on human pulmonary cell metabolism e-poster only Balas Mihaela
309 P-09-02-15 In vitro/in chemico skin sensitisation testing strategy: a challenge for REACH registrants e-poster and printed poster De Smet Liesbeth
310 P-05-06-03 Detection of Aristolochic acid I DNA adducts via UPLC-MS/MS in RPTEC/TERT1 cells printed poster only Bastek Heinke
311 P-04-03-06 Induction of apoptosis in undifferentiated liver progenitor cells following down-regulation of YAP1/TAZ and exposure to toxic AhR ligand printed poster only Svobodová Jana
312 P-01-02-12 Role of in silico tools and text mining in the safety assessment of selected plant coumarins e-poster and printed poster Sousselier Laurent
313 P-09-03-07 In silico prediction of the skin sensitisation potential of non-quinonoid Michael acceptors: new reactivity assessments and evidence based precursor selection e-poster and printed poster Payne Martin
314 P-04-05-05 Rat respiratory minute volume comparison of snout-only plethysmography studies collected during the acclimatisation phase e-poster and printed poster Moore Simon
315 P-04-07-02 Applicability domain characterization of the SkinEthic™ HCE corneal method and performance signature by ingredient classes for eye serious damage/irritation printed poster only Alépée Nathalie
316 P-04-02-03 U937 cell line activation Test (U-SENS™): an OECD adopted In Vitro Skin Sensitisation assay addressing the activation of dendritic cells printed poster only Piroird Cécile
317 P-04-07-03 Serious eye damage/eye irritation assessment: Reliable and relevant implementation of SkinEthic™ HCE reconstructed human corneal method in Asia Pacific region printed poster only Leblanc Virginie
318 P-09-03-08 Development of a new database of non-cancer toxicity endpoints of industrial chemicals for improving TTC approach e-poster and printed poster Yamada Takashi
319 P-08-01-04 Maternal PCB exposure might affect not only maternal and foetal metabolome, but also maternal gut microbiome and foetal DNA methylation printed poster only Mori Chisato
320 P-01-02-13 Effect of adiantum capillus veneris against irradiation-induced oxidative stress in adult rats e-poster and printed poster Verma Nitin
321 P-04-12-01 Butyrate as a modulator of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes in colon epithelial cells e-poster and printed poster Zapletal Ondrej
322 P-01-01-11 Global changes in expression and functional profile of lung adenocarcinoma cells exposed to various toxic AhR ligands printed poster only Prochazkova Jirina
323 P-05-06-04 Identification of structure-specific hepatotoxic potential of different pyrrolizidine alkaloids using Random Forest and artificial Neural Network printed poster only Schöning Verena
324 P-05-06-05 In vitro screening of acute hepatic cytotoxicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in human and rodent hepatic cell lines printed poster only Forsch Kristina
325 P-05-04-03 Effects of boric acid and zinc borate on DNA integrity and oxidative stress on human sertoli cells printed poster only Ustundag Aylin
326 P-01-01-12 PCB 153 increases degradation of connexin 43 via induction of autophagy in liver progenitor cells printed poster only Šimečková Pavlína
327 P-05-06-06 Plasma ochratoxin A in the European brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) from Croatia e-poster and printed poster Rašić Dubravka
328 P-08-01-05 Usage patterns of oral care products e-poster and printed poster Ferret Pierre-Jacques
329 P-09-02-16 Proteomics Approach for improving the Mechanisms associated with MeHg Toxicity in HT-22 Hippocampal Cell line printed poster only Karri Venkatanaidu
330 P-04-05-06 Pre-clinical nebuliser comparisons to allow more effective decision making on device selection e-poster and printed poster Moore Simon
331 P-09-02-17 Evaluating skin sensitising potential of chemicals with a simple and rapid in vitro method e-poster and printed poster Buzzella Alice
333 P-09-03-09 In silico prediction of drug inhibitory activities to monoamine transporters using ADMEWORKS (R) e-poster and printed poster Dodo Tetsushi
334 P-04-05-07 A 90-days Inhalation Toxicity Study of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) in Fisher 344 Rats printed poster only Lee Sang Sik
335 P-06-01-05 Mercury speciation in preserved sludge which is estimated to be remaining under the reclaimed land area of Minamata Bay Japan e-poster and printed poster Sakamoto Mineshi
336 P-03-03-03 Exposure to hypoxia alters activity of circulating matrix metalloproteinase-2 in pregnant and non-pregnant Wistar rats: A pilot study. e-poster and printed poster Kamocsaiova Lucia
337 P-02-01-01 Dermal absorption of triclosan following short- and long term exposure in an ex vivo human skin model e-poster and printed poster Dirven Hubert A.A.M.
338 P-09-02-18 Effect of (Co-) exposures of Printex90 and formaldehyde on a cell-based assay system under air-lifted Interphase (ALI) conditions printed poster only Hansen Tanja
339 P-07-06-03 Discrepancies in genotoxicity testing strategy between chemical and pharmaceutical product regulations e-poster and printed poster Bergeret Sylvaine
340 P-04-02-04 Determination of contact sensitization potential of chemicals using in vitro reconstructed normal human epidermal model EpiDerm: impact of the modality of application printed poster only Letasiova Silvia
341 P-07-06-04 Non-clinical safety assessment of gadobenate dimeglumine (MultiHance®) in neonatal and juvenile rats, including gadolinium deposition. e-poster only Coppo Alessandra
342 P-09-06-01 Steatogenic compounds induce triglyceride accumulation in hepatocyte-like cells generated from human skin-derived precursors by multiple mechanisms e-poster and printed poster Vanhaecke Tamara
343 P-01-02-14 Sharing and verifying systems toxicology methods and data via the INTERVALS and sbv IMPROVER platforms e-poster and printed poster Boue Stephanie
344 P-01-01-13 The role of functional human aryl hydrocarbon receptor in estrogenicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons printed poster only Hyzdalova Martina
345 P-06-01-06 Wastewater from health care facilities - toxicity for human health and the environment printed poster only Chrz Jan
347 P-05-06-07 Oxidative stress in animals treated with ochratoxin A and citrinin and its reversal by resveratrol printed poster only Peraica Maja
348 P-07-03-06 Assessment of diclofenac effect on antidepressants photodegradation by using bioassay and HPLC e-poster and printed poster Wawryniuk Milena
349 P-04-11-02 Identification of endocrine disruptors using alternative methods printed poster only Dvořáková Markéta
350 P-07-06-05 Can Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) be extrapolated from Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) and viceversa? printed poster only Rodda Marco
351 P-01-01-14 Time-dependent alterations of sphingolipid metabolism elicited by PCB 153 (2,2‘,4,4‘,5,5‘-hexachlorobiphenyl) in liver progenitor cells printed poster only Pencikova Katerina
352 P-04-12-02 Butyrate plays a supporting role in alterations of lipidome induced by DHA in colon cancer cells printed poster only Tylichova Zuzana
353 P-09-02-19 The correlation between degree of fluorescein retention or degree of corneal opacity, and histopathological corneal changes in the ICE test. printed poster only Gruszka Katarzyna
354 P-05-06-08 Effects of Zearalenone on the metabolic pathways and its relation to the epigenetic mechanisms in HepG2 cells e-poster and printed poster Karaman Ecem Fatma
355 P-10-00-02 Development of an ECHA structured database on repeated dose toxicity e-poster and printed poster Ceriani Lidia
356 P-06-01-07 Correlations between levels of dioxins and PCBs in environment samples  and wild boar muscles printed poster only Warenik-Bany Malgorzata
357 P-04-01-01 Cytochemical activity of succinate dehydrogenase in lymphocytes as a prognostic factor of triazole fungicide tebuconazole hematotoxicity e-poster only Usenko Tetiana
358 P-04-12-03 3D-human small intestinal tissue to study ligand-induced acute and chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract printed poster only Markus Jan
359 P-04-10-03 Comparative assessment of gonadotoxic activity of two generic pesticides Cyproconazole on male and female Wistar Hannover rats e-poster only Prodanchuk Mykola
360 P-01-02-15 Assessment of serum oxidative stress biomarkers for smoking patients in different age groups printed poster only Ungurianu Anca
361 P-03-02-08 Is Dicyclanil a genotoxic carcinogen? printed poster only Burlinson Brian
362 P-03-02-09 Preliminary data on the effect of cell division on the in vitro comet assay printed poster only Burlinson Brian
363 P-05-01-05 The acute combined action of plant growth regulator succinate-2,6-dimethylpyridine-N-oxide-and some pesticide active ingredients e-poster only Vasetska Olesia Vasetska
364 P-04-06-04 Pre-and postnatal Cypermethrin exposure in rats causes persistent behavioral alterations e-poster only Rashkivska Inna
365 P-09-02-20 Study of mutagenic properties of generic pesticide cyproconazole via Ames assay in accordance to OECD 471 in Ukraine e-poster only Kravchuk Olexandr
366 P-05-01-06 Immunological biomarkers of effect of organophosphorus compounds possessing a delayed neurotoxic action e-poster only Fedchenko Olena
367 P-06-01-08 Bio-monitoring of environmental pollution in the Kosovo: improving genotoxicity risk assessment e-poster and printed poster Alija Avdulla
369 P-07-03-07 Determination of exposure limits for risk analysis in shared facilities according to toxicological criteria: implication of PDE calculation. e-poster and printed poster Carrero Beatriz
370 P-05-03-07 Markers of oxidative stress are elevated in exhaled breath condensate of workers in nanocomposites production e-poster only Pelclova Daniela
371 P-09-05-02 Transcriptomic changes after exposure to Enniatin B in Jurkat human T lymphoblastoid cells e-poster and printed poster Manyes Lara
372 P-07-01-06 The effects of natural pseurotins on physiological functions of professional phagocytes printed poster only Vasicek Ondrej
373 P-01-02-16 Mechanistic data in IARC Monographs evaluations printed poster only Benbrahim-Tallaa Lamia
374 P-07-01-07 Impact of counterions on the toxicity of metallic nanoparticles on hepatic cell lines in vitro printed poster only Braeuning Albert
375 P-09-07-03 Biomarkers for uranium risk assessment for the development of a molecular epidemiological protocol e-poster and printed poster GUEGUEN Yann
376 P-05-04-04 Effects of levamisole, a cocaine adulterant, on adrenergic response in the rabbit renal artery e-poster only Guerra Solanye
377 P-09-01-03 The chicken animal model for ovarian cancer and for pharmacological and toxicological evaluation of NGcGM3 ganglioside based treatments. e-poster only Casaco Angel
378 P-09-02-21 CON4EI: Consortium for in vitro Eye Irritation testing strategy printed poster only Van Rompay An
379 P-09-02-22 Implementation of three in-vitro test methods for skin sensitisation safety asessement e-poster and printed poster Kidd Darren
381 P-05-03-08 Titanate nanosheets cause caspase-dependent apoptosis of human immune cells with giant vacuole formation through endosomal defect in monocytes printed poster only Nishimura Yasumitsu
382 P-01-02-17 Derivation of health advisory values for sub-acute exposure of contaminants in drinking water printed poster only Matsumoto Mariko
383 P-07-07-06 Dysregulated lncRNA-UCA1 contributes to the progression of gastric cancer through regulation of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling pathway e-poster and printed poster Liang Geyu
384 P-01-01-15 The effects of puwainaphycins F on Caco-2 cell line as a model of the intestinal barrier printed poster only Švihálková Šindlerová Lenka
385 P-09-05-03 Transcriptomic profile alterations in organotypic cultures of bronchial tissues indirectly exposed to cigarette smoke and novel tobacco product vapor printed poster only Ito Shigeaki
386 P-05-03-09 Effects of potassium titanate on the pneumonia in respiratory syncytial virus-infected mice. printed poster only Hashiguchi Seiko
387 P-05-03-10 Effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on primary immunity responding to respiratory syncytial virus infection in mice printed poster only Watanabe Wataru
388 P-05-03-11 P2X7 receptor regulates the exocytosis of single-walled carbon nanotubes in murine macrophages e-poster and printed poster Wan Bin
389 P-04-10-04 An extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study of plant protection product containing glyphosate on rats – androgen-  and estrogen -  dependent endpoints printed poster only Mrzyk Inga
390 P-04-05-08 Exposure to cigarette smoke and aerosol from the potential reduced risk product THS2.2 on A/J mice in life-time inhalation study printed poster only Veljkovic Emilija
391 P-09-02-23 Application and Establishment of Eye Irritation Test Method Using EpiOcularTM Model(OECD TG 492) e-poster and printed poster Kim Jiyoung
392 P-03-03-04 Effect of maternal depression and venlafaxine treatment on the neurobehavioral development of the juvenile and adolescent rat offspring printed poster only Bögi Eszter
393 P-09-03-10 Counter-propagation artificial neural network models in read-across predictions of toxicity printed poster only Drgan Viktor
394 P-07-03-08 Systems biology approach for evaluating vaccine and adjuvant safety during preclinical and lot release testing e-poster and printed poster Mizukami Takuo
395 P-04-05-09 Toxicological assessment of the mainstream aerosol of a carbon heated tobacco product in Sprague-Dawley rats; a 90-day sub-chronic inhalation study printed poster only Phillips Blaine
396 P-03-03-05 Effect of venlafaxine and chronic unpredictible stress on maternal behavior and hippocampal neurogenesis of rat dams printed poster only Belovičová Kristína
397 P-05-06-09 Effects of zearalenone on metabolism related pathways and its association with the epigenetic mechanisms in MCF-7 and MCF-10F cells e-poster and printed poster Ozden Sibel
398 P-07-04-02 Group assessment of drug substances with same mechanism of action and safety profile for purpose of setting occupational exposure limits printed poster only Prause Maarten
400 P-04-03-07 Identifying potential liver toxicants using in vitro and in silico methods in a weight-of-evidence based approach e-poster and printed poster Madden Judith
401 P-07-07-07 Reduced biological effect of e-cigarette aerosol compared to cigarette smoke evaluated in vitro using normalized nicotine dose and RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics printed poster only Verrastro Ivan
402 P-07-07-08 In Vitro RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics assessment of two heated tobacco products shows device-specific transcriptomic response printed poster only Corke Sarah
403 P-07-03-09 Toxicity study in C57/BL6 mice after repeated intramuscular administration of the HIV-1 therapeutic prime-boost vaccine combination DNA.HTI and MVA.HTI printed poster only Tortajada Araceli
404 P-05-01-07 Effects of exposure to tembotrione during gestation on serum oestradiol and testosterone levels in neonatal rats printed poster only Mikolić Anja
406 P-03-02-11 Toxicological risk assessment of pyrrolizidine alkaloids - investigations of mutagenicity in the ames fluctuation assay e-poster and printed poster Gao Lan
407 P-06-01-09 Prymnesium parvum causes fish mortalities in brackish water ponds of Emilia Romagna (Italy) e-poster and printed poster Rubini Silva
408 P-09-02-24 A candidate-Modified-Risk Tobacco Product has Reduced effects on Mitochondrial Function in Airway Epithelial Cells compared to Combustible Cigarettes e-poster and printed poster Hoeng Julia
410 P-02-01-02 Brain tissue binding explains discrepancy between in vitro and in vivo methods for assessing blood-brain barrier permeability of chemicals printed poster only Heymans Marjolein
411 P-09-02-25 On-line aerosol characterization within exposure systems using soft ionization time of flight mass spectroscopy printed poster only Kuczaj Arkadiusz
412 P-02-02-02 Toxicity of salinomycin and identification of its metabolites  in turkey primary hepatocytes e-poster and printed poster Radko Lidia
413 P-04-10-05 Extended OECD 422 screening study for the evaluation of substances with suspected reproductive toxicity and/or endocrine activity e-poster and printed poster Segal Lawrence
414 P-06-01-10 Acute toxicity of emamectin benzoate on the brain acetylcholinesterase enzyme (AChE) activity of Oreochromis niloticus printed poster only Kargın Ferit
415 P-01-02-18 Novel form of the Gaddum equation for the receptor-ligand interactions e-poster and printed poster Ezechiáš Martin
416 P-05-03-12 Impact of silver nanoparticles on photosynthesis in tobacco plants printed poster only Tkalec Mirta
417 P-02-01-03 Establishing a platform of uptake transporters in HEK-293 cells for the analysis of possible drug-drug-interactions e-poster and printed poster Ullrich Anett
418 P-07-01-08 Suitability of in vivo and in vitro models for assesing on the safety of natural and industrial products e-poster only Bellido-Pedraza Carmen María
419 P-09-02-26 Systems toxicology assessment of repeated exposure to cigarette smoke and a potential modified-risk tobacco product aerosol on gingival organotypic cultures printed poster only Zanetti Filippo
420 P-09-02-27 Systems Toxicology meta-analysis: Impact of a candidate Modified-Risk Tobacco Product aerosol compared with cigarette smoke on organotypic aerodigestive tract cultures printed poster only Titz Bjoern
421 P-01-01-16 Unravelling the mechanisms of neuronal, hepatic, cardiac and renal cell toxicity of two synthetic cannabinoids, 5F-PB 22 and XLR-11 e-poster and printed poster Santos-Carvalho Ana
422 P-06-01-11 Distribution and deposition of ZNO nanoparticles in mice - inhalation chamber study printed poster only Kulich Pavel
423 P-09-04-03 Heavy metal nose-to-brain transport after exposition via inhalation: uranium in situ detection using high resolution microscopy techniques in adult rats e-poster and printed poster Ibanez Chrystelle
424 P-09-02-28 3D in vitro cultures of human hepatocyte-like cells as an alternative competent model for nevirapine biotransformation studies e-poster and printed poster Cipriano Madalena
425 P-07-03-10 Simulating human skin wounds - perspectives on non-animal alternatives for bio-relevant testing of pharmaceuticals e-poster only Planz Viktoria
426 P-09-03-11 Systems biology approach to identify mechanism of toxicity of pioglitazone e-poster and printed poster Mitic Potkrajac Dragana
428 P-01-02-19 Use of the benchmark dose approach for 7-hydroxycoumarin 90-day toxicological data analysis e-poster and printed poster Zinovieva Maryna
429 P-09-02-29 An assay to characterize the impact of cigarette smoke exposure on mucociliary clearance in-vitro. printed poster only Frentzel Stefan
430 P-09-03-12 Cutting edge bioinformatics accelerate target safety assessment of epigenetic modifiers as new therapeutic targets in cancer e-poster and printed poster Mitic Potkrajac Dragana
431 P-07-07-09 Ultra-slow N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) and relapses in bladder cancer patients e-poster and printed poster Golka Klaus
432 P-05-06-10 Pyrrolizidine alkaloid-induced hepatotoxicity in the human hepatoma cell line HepaRG: Single versus repeated exposure printed poster only Lampen Alfonso
433 P-07-01-09 Effects of long term low dose exposure to mixtures of pesticides, food additives and consumer products chemicals on biochemical parameters e-poster and printed poster Docea Anca Oana
434 P-07-04-03 Disease-modifying effects of allergen-nanoparticle conjugates – a study in human alveolar co-culture models mimicking the type 2 pre-inflamed state printed poster only Mills-Goodlet Robert
435 P-09-02-30 Characterization of an in vitro placental transfer assay for high-throughput screening e-poster and printed poster Gomes Caroline
436 P-11-00-02 CAAT-Academy: Hands-On Training in 3Rs: An endeavor to fill in the gap e-poster and printed poster Prachkovski ilija
437 P-04-06-05 Assessment of neurotoxicity assay based on neural-like cells from human adipose derived stem cells printed poster only Tirendi Sara
438 P-09-02-31 The GARD platform for potency assessment of skin sensitizing chemicals e-poster and printed poster Gradin Robin
439 P-09-02-32 Rat pancreas tissue slices as in vitro model for studying drug-induced pancreatic toxicity printed poster only Hellmund Maria
440 P-01-02-20 The effect of tobacco ingredients on the in vitro mutagenicity, cytotoxicity and cell transformation potential of a novel heated tobacco product e-poster and printed poster Reynolds Lorna
442 P-04-08-02 Assessing the penetration of chemicals into excised human skin by non-invasive confocal Raman microscopy e-poster only Jung Nathalie
443 P-09-03-13 Extension of the Carcinogen Dose-Response Database for Threshold of Toxicological Concern e-poster and printed poster Cronin Mark
444 P-01-02-21 Dermal exposure and risk assessment printed poster only BISSON Michèle
446 P-09-07-04 Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method: T3 ( 3,3,5’-Triiodo-L-Thyronine) and (T4) Thyroxine Determination in Rat Serum – Plain vs Clot Activator Collection Tubes e-poster and printed poster Diaram Sunetha
447 P-09-02-33 Development of rat pancreatic acinar cell model for the assessment of drug induced injury caused by MCL1 inhibition printed poster only Komen Jasper
448 P-07-06-06 The Impacts of a Lower Protein and Energy Density Diet in Aged Male Sprague Dawley Rat Studies e-poster and printed poster Horn Mandy
449 P-07-06-07 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquids: An Assessment of Irritancy Potential e-poster and printed poster Stevenson Matthew
450 P-04-07-04 Conduct of the OECD 438 ICE test using eyes from a different age of chickens and model BQ900 slit-lamp. e-poster and printed poster Guest Robert
451 P-07-07-10 Comparison of molecular changes associated with cigarette smoke-induced toxicity pathways following mice whole body and nose-only exposure printed poster only Kogel Ulrike
453 P-07-06-08 Changes to the scope of OECD 421 and 422 studies due to the addition of endocrine disruptor relevant endpoints e-poster and printed poster Renaut Steven
454 P-04-11-03 OECD 443 Extended One Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study: Some important considerations relating to study conduct e-poster and printed poster Myers David
455 P-09-03-14 Development and Validation of PBPK model for DEHP and its Metabolites: Application to Cohort and Case-Control Studies printed poster only Sharma Raju Prasad
456 P-09-02-34 Comparative biological effects induced in A549 cells by combustion-derived particles from different biomass sources e-poster and printed poster Marchetti Sara
457 P-09-02-35 In vitro vascular effects induced by different diesel exhaust ultrafine particles (DEP) e-poster and printed poster Bengalli Rossella
459 P-06-01-12 Effect of ultrafine atmospheric particles on the respiratory system in mice e-poster and printed poster Saleh Yara
460 P-05-05-01 Renal and hepatic effects in neonatal mice exposed to low-dose of internal radiation e-poster and printed poster Linares-Vidal Victoria
461 P-05-04-05 Inhalation exposure to cigarette smoke induces oxidative stress and inflammation in lung without causing systemic oxidative stress in mice printed poster only Lee Moo-Yeol
462 P-06-01-13 Air quality assessment during indoor use of the tobacco heating system THS2.2 printed poster only Smith Maurice
463 P-04-08-03 Evalutaion of incision wound healing activity of Scorzonera veratrifolia in Wistar albino rats printed poster only Gecim Mert
464 P-04-06-06 Developmental neurotoxicity: sex differences in toxic effects and toxic effects on sex differences e-poster and printed poster Levin Edward
465 P-06-01-14 Behavioral effects in adult zebrafish after developmental exposure to carbaryl printed poster only Almeida Ana Rita
466 P-09-03-15 In silico weight of evidence assessment of drug-induced liver injury in humans e-poster and printed poster Yang Chihae
467 P-07-06-09 New TTC dataset compilation to support thresholds of toxicological concern in the risk assessment of antimicrobials beyond Cramer Classes e-poster and printed poster Vitcheva Vessela
468 P-11-00-03 TOX-OER MOOC: the pharmaco and toxicokinetics module e-poster and printed poster Remião Fernando
469 P-07-03-11 Valdecoxib recovers the lipid composition, order and dynamics in colon cancer cell lines independent of cox-2 expression e-poster only Inan Genç Aysun
470 P-09-03-16 Use of in silico models for compound property prediction to reduce the in vitro screening burden e-poster and printed poster Noeske Tobias
472 P-04-06-07 Are zebrafish larval motility assays sufficient to predict long-term neurobehavioral effects of embryonic toxicant exposure in zebrafish? e-poster and printed poster Levin Edward
473 P-04-08-04 Treatment with retinoic acid increases severity of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-induced skin lesions in hairless mice e-poster and printed poster Rudyak Stanislav G.
474 P-08-01-06 Quantification of an aflatoxin B1 exposure biomarker in human urine printed poster only Ortiz-Martinez Raul
475 P-01-02-22 Screening of susceptible SNPs of occupational NIHL with whole-exome sequencing in Chinese noise susceptible population e-poster only Pu Yuepu
476 P-06-01-15 Assessing estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity of antimicrobial compounds used in oral care products printed poster only Petrů Klára
477 P-01-02-23 Understanding the limitations of, and improving, read-across predictions for repeated-dose toxicity by learning from case studies printed poster only Enoch Steve
478 P-01-01-17 UVA radiations induce ECM assembly modifications and epidermal senescence in reconstructed human skin printed poster only Casale Costantino
479 P-04-05-10 Pharmacological assessment in a 3D human airway model in-vitro enables identification of CDK8-inhibition as a mechanism for lung epithelial toxicity e-poster and printed poster Balogh Sivars Kinga
480 P-07-06-10 Re-evaluation of thickening agents and other substances from natural sources by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) e-poster and printed poster Lodi Federica
481 P-06-01-16 Transcriptional and physiological effects of the anticancer drug tamoxifen on reproduction of daphnia magna printed poster only Cho Mina
482 P-06-01-17 Novel approach for evaluating pharmaceuticals toxicity using daphnia model: analysis of the mode of cytochrome P450-generated metabolite action after acetaminophen exposure printed poster only Kim Ryeook
483 P-09-07-05 Effect of biologically active ligands of nuclear retinoid/retinoid X receptors in breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 at the protein level printed poster only Toporova Lucia
484 P-09-03-17 Supporting data-mining, read-across and chemical space analysis for toxicity data gap filling using the COSMOS database printed poster only Schwab Christof
485 P-07-01-10 Chemical analysis, mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of cynara scolymus L. plant parts printed poster only Helvacioglu Sinem
486 P-04-02-05 Online Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS) for quantitative skin sensitization potency assessment using Bayesian networks and accounting for bioavailability e-poster and printed poster Sayed Ahmed Abdelaziz
487 P-09-03-18 Toward establishing a standardized process and tool within the read-across workflow: a case study of agrochemicals for reproductive toxicity e-poster and printed poster Kovarich Simona
488 P-05-03-13 Shape-engineered Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2-NPs): cytotoxicity and genotoxicity in bronchial epithelial cells e-poster and printed poster Bonetta Sara
489 P-05-05-02 Evaluation of early nephrotoxicity in mice externally exposed to low-dose of ionizing radiation printed poster only Bellés Montserrat
490 P-09-02-36 Morphological and functional response of intestinal cells to shear stress printed poster only Del Favero Giorgia
491 P-09-02-37 An investigation into the effects of E-cigarette aerosols using a physiologically relevant in-vitro model e-poster and printed poster Vasanthi Bathrinarayanan Pranav
492 P-01-02-24 Methodologies in the re-evaluation of nitrates and nitrites by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) printed poster only Christodoulidou Anna
493 P-04-11-04 Effects of parathion on the activity of mitochondrial glutamate dehydrogenase from rat pancreatic Langerhans islets e-poster and printed poster Jamshidi Hamid Reza
494 P-04-01-02 Study on susceptibility and mechanism of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency on hematopoietic toxicity by benzene exposure e-poster and printed poster Zhang Juan
495 P-07-01-11 Patulin: a mycotoxin in apples e-poster only BALTAZAR SANTOS ANA LÚCIA
497 P-04-11-05 Endocrine disruption and carcinogenesis:  evaluation of neoplasms in endocrine organs of rat in Carbendazim carcinogenic chronic study printed poster only Lisovska Viktoriia
498 P-05-04-06 A comparison between the effect of natural and synthetic chemopreventive agents against potassium bromate-induced carcinogenic effects on human renal proximal epithelial cells printed poster only Obaidi ismael
499 P-09-04-04 Determination of JWH-210, JWH-122 and JWH-081 in urine by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometric method e-poster only Čurćić Marijana
500 P-04-04-02 In vitro nephrotoxicity of synthetic cannabinoids e-poster and printed poster Silva João Pedro
501 P-04-10-06 Early gestational intermittent hypoxia in rats induces delayed changes in immune and redox homeostasis with lasting perivascular placental edema e-poster and printed poster Ujhazy Eduard
503 P-01-01-18 LincRNA-p21 implication in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma e-poster only Yin Lihong
504 P-04-11-06 The Effect of MPA Liver herbal supplementary on Type 2 diabetes e-poster and printed poster Malekirad Ali Akbar
505 P-01-02-25 The UK Committee on Toxicity: review of chemicals in the diets of infants and children aged 1 to 5 years printed poster only Potter Claire
507 P-05-06-11 Natural toxins:  poisoning of domestic animal in Italy – 2016 annual report e-poster and printed poster Caloni Francesca
508 P-04-06-08 Investigation on the relationship between oxidative stress and Cognitive Neuropsychology status in   patients with MS e-poster and printed poster Malekirad Ali Akbar
509 P-04-05-11 The role of St. John's Wort against formaldehyde toxicity induced by inhalation in rats printed poster only Aydemir Sezgin
510 P-09-03-19 Computational study of endocrine disrupting potential of medicines e-poster and printed poster Kenda Maša
511 P-05-02-03 Obesity in relation with erythrocyte lead level in people exposed to environmental lead in Belgrade, Serbia e-poster and printed poster Baralić Katarina
512 P-09-02-38 Evaluation of acute toxicity and genotoxicity of DON, 3-ADON and 15-ADON in HepG2 cells printed poster only Ruiz Maria-Jose
513 P-09-07-06 A mass spectrometric platform for the quantitation of sulfur mustard-induced nucleic acid damage printed poster only Zubel Tabea
515 P-06-01-18 Investigation on the relationship between oxidative stress and Cognitive Neuropsychology status in patients with MS e-poster and printed poster Malekirad Ali Akbar
516 P-06-01-19 Blood delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (δALAD) activity in four wild avian species exposed to lead e-poster and printed poster Martínez-López Emma
517 P-04-04-03 Direct activated factor X inhibitor attenuates renal fibrosis on unilateral ureteral obstruction-induced nephrotoxicity. e-poster and printed poster Horinouchi Yuya
518 P-04-06-09 Investigation on the Effect of Melatonin on Fatigue in patients with Multiple Sclerosis e-poster and printed poster Malekirad Ali Akbar
519 P-09-07-07 Combinatorial reporter-based approach using two invertebrate model organisms to identify adverse outcome pathways in developmental and reproductive toxicity printed poster only Xiong Huajiang
520 P-04-10-07 Assessment of oxidative stress inducing effects of perfluorooctanoic acid in mice testes and possible preventive effect of taurine e-poster and printed poster Ünlü Endirlik Burcu
521 P-09-02-39 Untargeted metabolomics of neuronal cell culture: a model system for the toxicity testing of insecticide chemical exposure e-poster and printed poster Hayton Sarah
522 P-03-01-01 Viability and migration of human renal cancer cells upon treatment with a superoxide dismutase mimic printed poster only G. Oliveira Nuno
523 P-09-01-04 Preliminary results on acute toxicity of tetraethylammonium salt of salinomycin acid printed poster only Kamenova Kalina
524 P-09-02-40 Second generation of skin sensitization AOP within a same cell line: dream or reality? e-poster and printed poster Kerdine-Römer Saadia
525 P-09-01-05 Immunological safety evaluation in Göttingen minipigs: the CONFIRM initiative e-poster and printed poster Descotes Jacques
526 P-03-01-02 Association between tumor development and oxidative stress in MMTV-TGF-α mice applied different types of calorie restriction e-poster and printed poster Cicekdal Munevver Burcu
527 P-07-03-12 Target safety assessments and their role in de-risking drug discovery: NaV1.7 as an example e-poster and printed poster Roberts Ruth
528 P-02-01-04 Elimination effect of haemoperfusion on different initial level of plasma paraquat concentration in vivo and in vitro e-poster and printed poster Sun Hao
529 P-05-06-12 Molecular docking study of the binding interaction between Cc-Lec and coagulation factors IXa and Xa: elucidation of anti-coagulant mechanism e-poster only SAOUD SAMAH
530 P-05-01-08 Transfer and metabolism of diuron in human placenta e-poster and printed poster Mohammed Ali
531 P-05-06-13 Structure-activity and anti-platelet aggregation mechanism of a non-toxic 5’-nucleotidase: molecular docking and binding interaction study e-poster only KELLOU-TAIRI SAFIA
532 P-09-03-20 In silico toxicology protocols and software platforms e-poster and printed poster Myatt Glenn
533 P-04-11-07 Use of chemical enantiomers to further characterise the pre-clinical safety profile of MCL-1 inhibitors printed poster only J Anderton Mark
534 P-04-03-08 Ameliorative effect of the aqueous extract of Zingiber officinale against methyl thiophanate induced liver and kidney injury in male rats. e-poster only Mosbah Rachid
535 P-09-04-05 An integrative microfluidic chip for combined compound separation and enhanced biological activity and efficacy screening printed poster only Zitzmann Franziska D.
536 P-01-02-26 Use of “read-across” and Threshold of Toxicological Concern approaches to establish allowable concentrations in drinking water: a case study e-poster and printed poster Cox Kevin Douglas
537 P-05-04-07 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons show androgenic and antiandrogenic activity in yeast expressing human androgen receptor e-poster only Stypuła-Trębas Sylwia
538 P-04-04-04 Development of a high content assay in ciPTEC-OAT1 as an in vitro model to predict drug-induced nephrotoxicity e-poster and printed poster Sjogren Anna-Karin
539 P-09-01-06 Optimization of semi-occlusive dermal exposure method in pregnant and lactating rats printed poster only Emmen Harry
540 P-05-03-14 Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBHV) nanocarriers loaded with binary drugs for colorectal cancer management e-poster and printed poster Hudita Ariana
541 P-09-02-41 Some experimental aspects of an in vitro toxicity screening in developing new pharmaceuticals printed poster only Voronina Alla
542 P-07-07-11 Assessing the role of celastrole on cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity under in vitro conditions e-poster and printed poster Alpertunga Buket
543 P-04-12-04 Comparison of gold standard and novel pancreatic injury biomarkers printed poster only Harding Joanna
544 P-05-03-15 In vitro evaluation of cell signalling processes associated with the potential genotoxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles. printed poster only K.T. Theodoulides Michael
545 P-01-01-19 Antigenotoxic effects of Pycnogenol in diabetic rats e-poster and printed poster AYDIN Sevtap
546 P-01-01-20 Investigation of the effects of rivastigmine, donepezil and memantine at the cellular level through in vitro studies e-poster and printed poster Miriana Stan
547 P-06-01-20 DNA damage induced by PM0.5 samples in A549 and BEAS-2B human cell lines: results of the MAPEC study e-poster and printed poster Bonetta Silvia
548 P-04-03-09 Gut-liver on chip for in vitro toxicology study. e-poster and printed poster Imparato Giorgia
549 P-01-02-27 Assessment of systemic exposure to metabolically generated mono- and diethanolamine in rats treated with 2,2'-(C12-18 alkylimino)-diethanol e-poster and printed poster Lee Moung Sook
550 P-04-03-10 Use of Cytokeratin-18 ELISA to Detect Human Specific Hepatotoxicity in the Humanized-Liver Mouse printed poster only Suemizu Hiroshi
551 P-09-01-07 Acute and Sub Chronic Oral Toxicity Study of Antihypertensive Poly Herbal Preparation, Herbamon e-poster only Sholikhah Eti Nurwening
552 P-07-01-12 Cytotoxic potential of mangosteen juice in mouse peripheral red blood cells e-poster and printed poster Macias Carolina
554 P-04-05-12 Comparative analysis of respiratory, skin and eye irritation potential of chemicals using Japanese GHS classification. printed poster only Ono Atsushi
555 P-07-04-04 Comparison of buccal micronucleus cytome assay parameters in the pesticide-exposed greenhouse workers with the controls printed poster only Cayir Akin
556 P-04-12-05 Perfused intestinal Caco-2 tubules suitable for high throughput screening printed poster only van Vught Remko
557 P-04-06-10 3D networks of iPSC-derived neurons and glia for high-throughput neurotoxicity screening printed poster only van Vught Remko
558 P-04-04-05 High-Throughput Microfluidic Platform for Culture of 3D-Kidney Tissue Models printed poster only van Vught Remko
559 P-05-01-10 Evaluation of circulating cell free DNA as biomarker of pesticide exposure printed poster only Cayir Akin
560 P-09-04-06 Optimisation of headspace solid phase microextraction for the analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides in human milk samples printed poster only Brčić Karačonji Irena
561 P-01-02-28 Inappropriate medication storage as a potential health risk factor among a Mexican sample e-poster and printed poster Vergara-Castañeda Arely
562 P-04-06-11 Exposure to glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides during the perinatal period affect maternal behavior and maternal brain plasticity printed poster only Dechartres Julie
563 P-07-06-11 The revised EFSA guidance on Dermal Absorption for pesticides printed poster only Chiusolo Arianna
564 P-09-02-42 A fully functional human skin equivalent for high predictive in vitro testing e-poster and printed poster urciuolo francesco
565 P-09-02-43 A fully functional human skin equivalent for high predictive in vitro testing e-poster and printed poster urciuolo francesco
566 P-05-01-11 Adverse Effects of Roundup, a Glyphosate Herbicide, on Reproductive Hormone System and Antioxidant Enzymes of Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus e-poster and printed poster Kocamaz Derya
567 P-09-02-44 A high content screening approach to genotoxicity testing: detection of DNA damage and differentiation of clastogens and aneugens utilising histone biomarkers. printed poster only Walker Paul
568 P-04-03-11 Multiparametric in vitro toxicity approaches to understand the hepatotoxic mechanism of action of Fasiglifam (TAK-875) printed poster only Bauch Caroline
569 P-05-01-12 Hematological and Biochemical Changes in Cyprinus carpio Exposed to Sub-lethal Concentrations of Pyriproxyfen e-poster and printed poster Kaya Aşkın Barış
570 P-05-06-14 Effects of fumonisin B1 on global DNA methylation in HK-2 Cells e-poster and printed poster Ozden Sibel
571 P-04-01-03 Micronuclei  frequency and blood cell number in rabbit  contrast-induced nephrotoxicity  model with antioxidants as a preventive strategy e-poster and printed poster Tsatsakis Aristides
572 P-01-01-21 Sex-dependent dose response of gene expression modulation  after ochratoxin A insult in F344 rats printed poster only Vettorazzi Ariane
573 P-09-02-45 Increasing the capacity to perform in vitro nanoimmunotoxicology assessment e-poster and printed poster Corsini Emanuela
574 P-09-02-46 Evaluation of in vitro assays for the assessment of the skin sensitization hazard of cosmetic dyes printed poster only Yang Gab Sik
575 P-04-05-13 A comparison of suspension versus air-liquid interface experiments to assess the (pro-)fibrotic potential of carbon nanotubes in vitro e-poster and printed poster Barosova Hana
576 P-04-07-05 Selection of Olive Oil as Solvent in Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability (BCOP) Test e-poster and printed poster Dalal Vishvesh
577 P-01-02-29 A novel multi-approach method for the chemical and toxicological characterization of recycled materials printed poster only Hartikainen Samuel
578 P-06-01-21 Application of microbial population analysis as ecotoxicity tests in situ printed poster only Cajthaml Tomáš
579 P-04-08-05 In-Vitro Skin Corrosivity Test of Proficiency Chemicals Using Corrositex® Assay e-poster and printed poster Verma Ramesh
580 P-07-06-12 A comparative assessment of e-cigarette aerosols and cigarette smoke on in vitro endothelial cell migration e-poster and printed poster Taylor Mark
581 P-04-03-12 The Development of a Hepatic Steatotic Model for Assessment of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Susceptibility e-poster and printed poster Williams Dominic
582 P-04-05-14 Long term culture of nasal – tracheal – bronchial and bronchiolar human airway epithelia at interconnected and dynamic liquid flow conditions e-poster and printed poster Alouani Paul
583 P-07-06-13 The in vitro biological assessment of a novel hybrid tobacco product and comparison with a cigarette smoke. e-poster and printed poster Breheny Damien
584 P-01-01-22 Cytotoxic effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs towards colon fibroblast of the rat e-poster only Nugrahaningsih Dwi Aris Agung
585 P-09-01-08 Worm-on-a-chip: Fully automated whole organism platform for screening and identification of toxicity using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans e-poster and printed poster Mader Robert
586 P-09-06-02 Developmental toxicity testing of novel cosmetic compounds with embryonic stem cells printed poster only Burgaz Sema
587 P-05-03-16 Effects of Gold Nanoparticles and Coating With Oligonucleotide on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Rats e-poster and printed poster Aydın Ahmet
588 P-06-01-22 Acute and chronic effect of Diclofenac in D. magna and D. longispina e-poster only Joaquim João
589 P-09-02-47 Evaluation of toxic activities of nitrogen-containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PANH compared with their PAH analogues using in vitro cell-based bioassays printed poster only Coulet Myriam
590 P-03-01-03 Genetic engineering of a 3D in vitro human airway model sensitive to carcinogens e-poster and printed poster Huang Song
591 P-05-02-04 Instestinal toxicity of a subchronic exposure to inorganic arsenic e-poster and printed poster Matuoka Chiocchetti Gabriela
592 P-05-02-05 Protective role of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on inorganic arsenic toxicity upon the intestinal epithelium e-poster and printed poster Matuoka Chiocchetti Gabriela
593 P-09-02-48 In vitro dermal absorption of propylidene phthalide, a cosmetic ingredient printed poster only Kim Kyu-Bong
594 P-07-01-13 An integrated approach to the safety assessment of food additives in early life e-poster and printed poster Hayes A. Wallace
595 P-07-07-12 Toxic events induced by the antiepileptic drug carbamazepine: is bioactivation really involved? e-poster and printed poster M. M. Antunes Alexandra
596 P-05-03-17 Safety Assessment Of Nanoparticles Commonly Used In Nanomedicine Using In Vitro Models e-poster and printed poster Cetin Yuksel
597 P-05-03-18 Accumulation of copper oxide nanoparticles in gill, liver and muscle tissues of Clarias gariepinus e-poster and printed poster Duran Servet
598 P-04-01-04 A palm oil-enriched diet induces dyslipidemia and ultrastructural alterations of endothelium with vascular smooth muscle cells migration in carotid artery e-poster only ousmaal mohamed el fadel
600 P-10-00-03 International test guidelines: initiative for implementing serum free culture media e-poster and printed poster Spielmann Horst
601 P-05-03-19 Hazard assessment of benchmark metallic nanomaterials in alveolar epithelial cells e-poster and printed poster Silva Maria João
602 P-04-05-15 Protective role of St. John's Wort on Formaldehyde-induced lung tissue injury: Inhibiton of inflammation and oxidative stress mediated apoptosis printed poster only Aydemir Sezgin
603 P-07-03-13 Cholestatic drugs induce preferential accumulation of toxic bile acids in human HepaRG cells e-poster and printed poster Sharanek Ahmad
606 P-03-01-04 Construction of an apoferritin nanocarrier with encapsulated ellipticine and examination of its properties e-poster and printed poster Indra Radek
607 P-05-03-20 Effects of copper oxide nanoparticles on antioxidant enzyme activities in liver tissue of Clarias gariepinus e-poster and printed poster Tuncsoy Mustafa
608 P-07-03-14 Antibiotic-induced cytotoxicity and cholestasis are related to an endoplasmic reticulum stress and amplified by inflammatory cytokines in human hepatocytes e-poster and printed poster Burban Audrey
609 P-05-03-21 Effects of copper oxide nanoparticles on hemocytes of Galleria mellonella e-poster and printed poster Sezer Tuncsoy Benay
610 P-09-03-21 Identification, categorization, and evaluation of food-use chemicals in ToxCast e-poster and printed poster Karmaus Agnes
612 P-03-03-06 Development of a stem cell-based reporter assay for in vitro DART assessment. e-poster and printed poster Racz Peter
613 P-06-01-24 Introducing a microcystin congener toxicity equivalent printed poster only Huang Dorothy Yu
614 P-09-02-49 In vitro 3D cell sheet-based model for unraveling scar pathophysiology e-poster and printed poster Marques Alexandra P.
615 P-04-04-06 Development of SLC Transporters Kidney Cell Models Using hTERT-immortalized Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells (RPTEC/TERT1) e-poster and printed poster Gualdoni Sara
616 P-05-03-22 Role of surface capping on the cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles in rat alveolar epithelial cells e-poster and printed poster Teixeira João Paulo
617 P-04-07-06 CON4EI: SkinEthic Human Corneal Epithelial Eye irritation Test (SkinEthic HCE EIT)  for Hazard Identification and Labelling of Eye Irritating Chemicals printed poster only Nardelli Laurent
618 P-09-05-04 Targeted Whole Transcriptome Gene Expression Profiling for Mechanistic Toxicology e-poster and printed poster VanSteenhouse Harper
620 P-09-02-50 Online TEER measurements for barrier model systems in microfluidic chips e-poster and printed poster Sakharov Dmitry
621 P-04-10-08 Use of ex-vivo testis culture to explore mechanisms of seminiferous tubular atrophy upon PIM inhibition e-poster and printed poster Larsson Marie H
622 P-04-01-05 The frequency of micronuclei, subsequent to administration of chemotherapeutic medicines in colon and rectal cancer e-poster and printed poster Stivaktakis Polixronis
623 P-04-03-13 Potential use of miRNAs as biomarkers of cholangiocyte drug induced liver injury e-poster and printed poster Howell Lawrence
624 P-09-06-03 Recruitment of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells by umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells via G-CSF-mediated mechanism promotes wound healing in vivo e-poster and printed poster P Camões Sérgio
625 P-09-01-09 The value of plasma metabolomics to define maternal toxicity in rat developmental toxicity studies e-poster and printed poster Kamp Hennicke
626 P-04-11-08 Bisphenols are Not Inherently Estrogenic e-poster and printed poster Barton Charles
627 P-09-02-51 Evaluation of 3-D bioprinted human liver tissue for assessment drug-induced liver injury across a diverse set of chemical classes printed poster only Irelan Jeffrey
628 P-09-03-22 Development of a predictive in silico model for mixtures of azole fungicides acting on the skeletal craniofacial AOP e-poster and printed poster Battistoni Maria
629 P-09-02-52 Detection of reactive chemicals and oxidants using an organotypic human airway model with Nrf2 reporter activity: Application to tobacco products printed poster only Hayden Patrick
630 P-05-02-06 Levels of ochratoxin A and heavy metals in herbal tea samples commercialized in Turkey e-poster and printed poster Ozden Sibel
632 P-06-01-25 Oxidative stress and neurotoxicity markers in Paracentrotus lividus from Bizerte lagoon (North Tunisia) e-poster and printed poster Boussoufa Dhouha
633 P-09-02-53 The HET-CAM in vitro assay: an useful tool for vaginal formulations evaluation regarding irritation? e-poster and printed poster Palmeira de Oliveira Rita
634 P-09-02-54 3D-Human Small Intestinal Tissue Model as an Alternate to Animal Testing to Predict Drug Toxicity, Permeability, and Metabolism. printed poster only Ayehunie Seyoum
635 P-01-02-30 Comet assay in rat lung, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells and nasal tissue, site of contact tissues in inhalation studies e-poster and printed poster Kulkarni Rohan
636 P-01-01-23 The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic activities of Sternbergia lutea ssp. lutea and Sternbergia lutea ssp. sicula. printed poster only Iscan Gulcin Saltan
637 P-01-02-31 Is it carcinogen or not: coffee - a systematic review printed poster only Cakir Muharrem Okan
638 P-05-03-23 Apoptosis Induction by 2-Mercaptopropionic Acid (2-MPA)-Coated Silver Sulfide QD in Human A549 Cells printed poster only OZKAN VARDAR Deniz
639 P-09-03-23 Quantitative Systems Toxicology Analysis of In Vitro Mechanistic Assays Reveals Importance of Bile Acid Accumulation in TAK-875-induced Liver Injury printed poster only Walker Paul
640 P-09-02-55 Evaluation of eugenol polyurethane nanostructures toxicological statement printed poster only Pinzaru Iulia Andreea
641 P-09-02-56 The breathing lung-on-chip model for routine laboratory application e-poster and printed poster Hobi Nina
642 P-09-02-57 Assessing the penetration of chemicals into excised human skin by non-invasive confocal Raman microscopy e-poster only Windbergs Maike
643 P-09-02-58 Use of mass spectrometry imaging and a full thickness 3D skin equivalent for evaluation of percutaneous absorption printed poster only Klausner Mitchell
644 P-06-01-26 Frequency of sterigmatocystin (STC) and 5-methoxysterigmatocystin (5-MET-STC)-producing airborne Aspergilli from flooded and unflooded area in Croatia e-poster and printed poster Jakšić despot Daniela
645 P-04-08-06 Tissue-protective effects of French maritime pine bark (Pycnogenol) on glutamate-induced cytotoxicity in adult human dermal fibroblasts e-poster and printed poster Sevim Çiğdem
646 P-04-09-02 Impact of cigarette smoke, next generation tobacco and nicotine products on the cytotoxic, oxidative and pro-inflammatory status of THP-1 cells printed poster only Brunssen Coy
647 P-03-02-12 Comparative genotoxicity study of  Aluminium oxide nanoparticles and microparticles e-poster and printed poster Kim Yoon-Soon
648 P-03-02-13 Genetic toxicological comparison of  nano- and micro- sized Iron oxide Nanoparticles e-poster and printed poster Yoo Ji-Rhan
649 P-09-06-04 Development of stem cell derived hepatocyte-like cells: 3D co-culture with primary non-parenchymal liver cells and low-oxygen culture e-poster and printed poster Pridgeon Chris
650 P-06-01-27 Assessment of nanoscale zero-valent iron toxicity towards several bacterial species by specific marker of oxidative stress monitoring printed poster only Semerád Jaroslav
651 P-09-03-24 Methodologies for a better expert review supporting implementation of the ICH M7 guidelines printed poster only Hasselgren Catrin
653 P-06-01-28 TiO2-Carbon nanotubes nanohybrid toxicity in Danio rerio embryo e-poster and printed poster Silva Gabriela
654 P-09-02-59 In vitro anti-proliferative and antimetastatic effects of lupan pentacyclic triterpenes e-poster and printed poster Coricovac Dorina
655 P-08-01-07 Dioxin-like POPs induced aryl hydrocarbon receptor transactivity and oxidative stress status in the Danish pregnant women and fetal growth outcomes printed poster only Long Manhai
656 P-06-01-29 Lead Encephalopathy and Cerebrospinal Meningitis: Any Potentiation? printed poster only Anetor John
660 P-09-02-60 Incorporation of human relevant metabolism into fit-for-purpose in vitro assays for safety assessment: case study with bioactivated mutagens printed poster only Clewell Rebecca
661 P-09-03-25 PLETHEM – An interactive open-source platform for bridging the source-to-outcome continuum printed poster only McMullen Patrick
662 P-04-06-12 Molecular effects of rotenone exposure and wash-out in an in vitro 3D dopaminergic cell model e-poster and printed poster Harris Georgina
663 P-01-02-32 Study of the functions of lincRNA-ROR in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) e-poster and printed poster Shang Muhe
664 P-09-02-61 Foetal Calf Serum-free Media and Serum Alternatives e-poster and printed poster van der Valk Jan
665 P-09-02-62 Impact of high-fat and high-fat-high-fructose diet on vessels and heart in rats with metabolic syndrome e-poster and printed poster Kaprinay Barbara
666 P-04-03-14 Effects of insulin treatment on hepatic CYP1A1 and CYP2E1 activities and lipid peroxidation levels in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats printed poster only CAN EKE Benay
667 P-04-10-09 Treatment of human placenta choriocarcinoma cells with two components of cigarette smoke induced growth and epithelial mesenchymal transition via induction of an antioxidant effect printed poster only Choi Kyung-Chul
668 P-04-02-07 Transferability of the GARDskin assay to two independent laboratories. e-poster and printed poster Appelgren Henrik
669 P-07-06-14 Risk assessment of titanium dioxide nanoparticles via oral exposure, including toxicokinetic considerations e-poster and printed poster Heringa Minne
671 P-03-02-14 Genotoxicity assessment of selected plant extracts printed poster only Heinrich Miriam
673 P-04-06-13 Role of autophagy, apoptosis and oxidative stress in the toxicity of β-keto amphetamines to human dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells e-poster and printed poster Valente Maria João
674 P-09-02-63 Saliva derived cariogenic and gingivitis biofilms show immune evasion potential compared to commensal biofilms in a human organotypic gingiva model printed poster only Gibbs Sue
675 P-08-01-08 The combined xenoestrogenic activity of perfluorinated alkyl acids in pregnant women and indices of fetal growth printed poster only Bjerregaard-Olesen Christian
676 P-02-01-05 Effect of inhalation exposure to toluene in Oatp activity using pravastatin as a probe drug in rats e-poster and printed poster de Moraes Natalia Valadares
677 P-02-01-06 Influence of cimetidine and experimental diabetes mellitus on gabapentin pharmacokinetics in rats e-poster and printed poster Benzi Jhohann Richard de Lima
678 P-01-02-33 Biological age changes in healthy  agricultural workers and agricultural workers with acute and chronic intoxication of pesticides. e-poster and printed poster Bubalo Nataliia
679 P-05-02-07 Waterborne and Dietary Copper Accumulation in Various Tissues of Oreochromis niloticus e-poster and printed poster Korkmaz Cengiz
680 P-09-03-26 Evaluation of predictive in silico models for mutagenicity prediction of food and feed ingredients e-poster and printed poster Vuorinen Anna
681 P-06-01-30 Correlation of buccal micronucleus cytome assay parameters with arsenic and its species measured in urine from people in Eastern Croatia e-poster and printed poster Milić Mirta
682 P-09-05-05 Effect of subtoxic and toxic concentrations of galactosamine in the metabolome of primary mouse hepatocytes e-poster and printed poster Araújo Ana Margarida
683 P-07-05-03 Analysis of some findings in patients with acute baclofen overdose according to records of the Toxicology department Krasnoyarsk emergency hospital e-poster and printed poster Sarmanaev Salavat Khamitovich
684 P-08-01-09 The combined xenoestrogenic and xenoandrogenic activities of serum lipophilic POPs  in Danish pregnant women and indices of fetal growth e-poster and printed poster Ghisari Mandana
685 P-03-02-15 Synthesis of tyrosol glycosides and their structure - activity relationship study in biochemical assays and in human cells in vitro printed poster only Horvathova Eva
686 P-09-02-64 Limited applicability of in vitro skin corrosion and irritation tests for agrochemical formulations e-poster only Kolle Susanne N.
689 P-04-05-16 Alternative approaches for acute inhalation toxicity testing to address global regulatory and non-regulatory data requirements printed poster only Melbourne Jodie
690 P-09-02-65 A sensitive approach for endotoxin determination in nanomaterial samples e-poster and printed poster Braakhuis Hedwig
691 P-09-02-66 Skin irritation potential on RHE with impaired barrier e-poster and printed poster Bergal Mathilde
692 P-04-03-15 Dose effect and time effect of CdTe quantum dots on antioxidant capacities of liver and kidneys in mice e-poster only Huang Pei Li
693 P-08-01-10 Pesticide exposure and genotoxic effects among Bolivian farmers: a cross-sectional study printed poster only Barron Cuenca Jessika
694 P-09-02-67 Comparison of toxicity patterns of 19 compounds across 16 organ-specific in vitro test methods printed poster only Krebs Alice
695 P-04-07-07 The importance of understanding physico-chemical properties of chemicals in the evaluation of serious eye damage/eye irritation: Cosmetic Europe analysis printed poster only Pfannenbecker Uwe
696 P-04-07-08 Cosmetics Europe Analysis of the Robustness of Testing Strategies for UN GHS Classification for Serious Eye Damage/Eye Irritation of Chemicals printed poster only Sala Àlvar
697 P-08-01-11 Risk assessment of electrically heated tobacco product (EHTP) and combustible cigarettes: comparatory human exposure study e-poster and printed poster Malysheva Olena
698 P-04-03-16 CAR-mediated tumor formation in rats induced by the herbicide metazachlor e-poster and printed poster Wiemann Christiane
699 P-04-04-07 Metabolomics in vitro in kidney cells – a tool for investigation of the nephrotoxicity e-poster only Birk Barbara
700 P-04-02-08 The potential of protein reactivity to predict skin sensitizing potency: of peptide depletion, reaction time and tested concentrations e-poster only Wareing Britta
701 P-09-03-27 The borderline range of prediction models for skin sensitisation potential assessment: Quantification and implications for evaluating non-animal testing methods precision e-poster only Landsiedel Robert
702 P-04-05-17 PLATOX – In vitro and in vivo investigations (28-day inhalation) to generate valid toxicity data for risk assessment of carbon-based nanoplatelets printed poster only Creutzenberg Otto
703 P-07-07-13 Telomere length in opiates and cannabis abusers as a marker of early aging. e-poster only Vakonaki Elena
704 P-07-02-01 Alcohol and drugs in suicidal etiology autopsies performed in the Atacama region - Chile, 2007 to 2016. e-poster only Espinoza Carlos Modesto
705 P-04-07-09 Cosmetics Europe eye programme: relevance to integrated approaches on testing and assessment for serious eye damage/eye irritation printed poster only Desprez Bertrand
706 P-05-03-24 Amorphous silica nanoparticles provoke human dendritic cells maturation in vitro. e-poster and printed poster Biola-Vidamment Armelle
707 P-04-09-03 Alterations in L-type calcium channel expression are involved in drug-induced repolarization cardiotoxicity printed poster only Klimas Jan
708 P-05-04-08 Antimicrobial activity of polyoxometalate ionic liquids (POM-ILs) against clinically relevant pathogens printed poster only Kubo Anna-Liisa
709 P-07-02-02 Characterization of the suicide population in autopsies performed in the Atacama region- Chile, 2007 to 2016. e-poster only Araneda Enzo Cristian
710 P-05-04-09 Downregulation of long noncoding RNA UCA1 is involved in Het-1A cells malignant transformation induced by N-nitrosamines combined microcystin-LR e-poster and printed poster Wang Xianghu
711 P-04-03-17 Hepatotoxic combination effects of two triazole fungicides in vitro printed poster only Marx-Stoelting Philip
712 P-04-11-09 Environmantal pollutants as endocrine disrupters: the effect of Cd, PCBs and PBDEs on thyroid function e-poster only Matovic Vesna
713 P-05-01-13 Monitoring of pesticide residues in apples from the Greek market e-poster only Tzatzarakis Manolis
714 P-06-01-31 Assessment of Molecular mechanism(s) of styrene toxicity in blood plasma and liver e-poster and printed poster Niaz Kamal
715 P-04-11-10 Influence of styrene on plasma parameters and molecular expression of islets of Langerhans in rat model e-poster and printed poster Niaz Kamal
717 P-04-03-18 Serum alpha-GST activity as an alternative biomarker in olanzapine induced hepatotoxicity under the impact of genetic polymorphism of GSTs printed poster only Elkama Aylin
718 P-07-03-15 “Novel Bis-pyridinium oximes with peripheral binding are inferior reactivators of RBC acetylcholinesterase” printed poster only Nurulain Syed
719 P-04-11-11 Thyroid dysfunction caused by organophosphate poisoning e-poster and printed poster Cobilinschi Cristian
720 P-09-05-06 Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) is a valid plasma marker to detect illicit treatment with dexamethasone in veal calves e-poster and printed poster Pezzolato Marzia
721 P-07-06-15 Procedure to prevent epidemic disease for nonhuman primate during quarantine periods printed poster only Yang Young-Su
722 P-09-02-68 Application of in vitro skin penetration measurements to refine the quantitative skin sensitization risk assessment of Methylisothiazolinone e-poster and printed poster Rothe Helga
723 P-09-03-28 Improving Chemical Space Coverage of an In Silico Prediction System by Targeted Inclusion of Fragments Absent from the Training Set e-poster and printed poster Foster Robert
724 P-01-02-34 The toxicological interpretation of MOSH and MOAH data and the implications for risk assessment e-poster and printed poster Carrillo Juan-Carlos
725 P-03-02-16 In vitro and in vivo genotoxicity of nano aluminum, aluminum oxide and aluminum chloride: a comparative study e-poster and printed poster Fessard Valérie
726 P-07-06-16 In vitro assessment of a novel prototype e-cigarette e-poster and printed poster Dalrymple Annette
727 P-04-09-04 Oxidative damage and energetic crisis in cardiomyocites after co-exposure of cocaine and morphine e-poster and printed poster Carvalho Félix
728 P-09-03-29 LRI AMBIT chemoinformatic system with IUCLID6 substance database to support read-across of substance endpoint data and category formation e-poster and printed poster Hubesch Bruno
729 P-07-04-05 Respiratory Health Exposure Measurements and Modeling in the Fragrance and Flavour e-poster and printed poster DIOP Maodo Malick
730 P-09-02-69 The bull spermatozoon is a suitable cell type for toxicity assessment e-poster and printed poster Eskov Andrey
731 P-09-02-70 In Vitro Human Lung Microvasculature-on-Chip: Anti-angiogenic Efficacy of Nintedanib e-poster and printed poster Zeinali Soheila
732 P-09-02-71 Lung alveoli array-on-chip with a bioartificial membrane e-poster and printed poster Zamprogno Pauline
733 P-01-01-24 Addiction of tobacco, Shamma and Khat: Incidence of Oral Cancer in Saudi Arabia printed poster only Oyuoni Atif Abdulwahab A
734 P-11-00-04 On importance of pathophysiology for an integrative toxicology printed poster only Neu Eva
735 P-04-04-08 Suppression of FK506 induced nephrotoxicity in mice by Bacopa monnierii e-poster only Oyuoni Atif Abdulwahab A
736 P-09-02-72 Human, 3D-cocultures for the study of toxicant induced liver fibrosis e-poster only Prestigiacomo Vincenzo
737 P-07-07-14 Effect of polymorphism of CYP2C8 on hydroxylation of diclofenac acyl-glucuronide e-poster and printed poster Lazarska Katarzyna Ewa
738 P-07-02-03 The causes of fatal animal poisonings in the Czech Republic in years 2012-2016 printed poster only Svobodova Zdenka
739 P-09-03-30 Predicting in silico the Direct-Peptide-Reactivity-Assay (DPRA) within the Allergic Contact Dermatitis framework printed poster only Detroyer Ann
740 P-09-03-31 VIVD: a virtual in vitro distribution model for predicting intra- and sub-cellular concentrations in toxicity assays e-poster and printed poster Fisher Ciarán
741 P-05-04-10 Determination of patulin levels in apple juices by HPLC-UV e-poster and printed poster Dural Emrah
743 P-01-02-35 Risk assessment of bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Kim Min-Kook
746 P-01-02-36 Risk assessment of isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Kim Min-Hwa
747 P-01-02-37 Risk assessment of phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Baek Seol-Hwa
748 P-01-02-38 Risk assessment of benzophenone-8 in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Kim Min-Kook
749 P-01-02-39 Risk assessment of tea-salicylate in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Baek Seol-Hwa
750 P-01-02-40 Risk assessment of octocrylene in cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Kim Min-Hwa
751 P-05-06-15 Lipophilic marine toxins: evaluation of rapid tests for their rapid detection e-poster and printed poster Francese Danila Raffaella
752 P-01-02-41 Human risk assessment of diethylhexyl butamido triazone in sunscreen cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Lim Seong-Kwang
753 P-01-02-42 Risk assessment of methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol in sunscreen cosmetics e-poster and printed poster Lim Seong-Kwang
754 P-07-03-16 Safety assessment of an Anti-Müllerian Hormone Receptor II therapeutic antibody printed poster only Foulon Olivier
755 P-05-03-25 Mitochondrial involvement in the mechanism of oxidative damage induced by graphene and graphene oxide at the skin level printed poster only Pelin Marco
756 P-07-03-17 Maternal uterine artery Ad.VEGF-DΔNΔC gene therapy for placental insufficiency shows no evidence of harm in a rabbit model printed poster only Singh Pramila
757 P-03-02-17 Genotoxic effect of low temperature plasma treatment on plant seeds printed poster only Kyzek Stanislav
758 P-01-02-43 Risk assessment of ethylhexyl dimethyl paba in sunscreen cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Suh Hyo sun
759 P-01-02-44 Risk assessment of ethylhexyl triazone in sunscreen cosmetic products e-poster and printed poster Suh Hyo sun
760 P-02-02-03 Basal hepatic CYP activities in albino (Sprague-Dawley) and pigmented (Long Evans) rats printed poster only Touati Walid
761 P-09-01-10 Ocular monitoring in continuously infused group housed monkeys printed poster only Bouhraoua Adèle
762 P-09-01-11 Ambulatory continuous intravenous infusion in group-housed non-human primates printed poster only Perron Josée
763 P-01-01-26 Investigation of toxicity mechanisms induced by silica nanoparticles in pulmonary cells e-poster only Voicu Sorina Nicoleta
764 P-02-01-07 Better understanding of bioavailability of cosmetic ingredients: Results from Cosmetics Europe skin bioavailability project e-poster and printed poster Gregoire Sebastien
765 P-09-02-73 Assessment of nanomaterial induced DNA strand breaks using automated FADU technique in vitro e-poster and printed poster Dressler Dirk
766 P-04-04-09 Renal toxicity biomarker analysis upon compound exposures in a kidney-on-a-chip e-poster and printed poster Wilmer Martijn
767 P-05-04-11 Study of the potential genotoxic effect of bisphenol A on human cells printed poster only Sevcovicova Andrea
768 P-09-01-12 Juvenile development of minipigs over the first 16 weeks printed poster only Kaaber Kari
769 P-04-02-09 Cosmetics Europe assessment of non-animal approaches for predicting skin sensitization printed poster only Klaric Martina
770 P-05-01-14 Influence of dietary cypermethrin, vitamin E and selenium on biochemical parameters of the lepidopteran model host Galleria mellonella printed poster only Coskun Mustafa
771 P-09-03-32 Novel hydrophobic soil to prevent landfills leachate leakage to groundwater with detoxification ability of heavy metals and toxins based on computationally designed supramolecular compounds printed poster only sorkhi pouya
772 P-06-01-33 A microelectrode array-based assay for harmful marine algae toxicity evaluation e-poster and printed poster Alloisio Susanna
773 P-05-03-26 Do nanoparticles pass the intestinal barrier? Transport studies in vitro and ex vivo printed poster only Hesler Michelle
774 P-09-02-74 Primary hippocampal neurons as suitable model to evaluate the influence of neurotoxicants on neuronal development printed poster only Marchetti Natalia
775 P-05-03-27 Do nanoparticles affect the human stem cell differentiation? printed poster only Kohl Yvonne
776 P-05-03-28 Microchip-based screening platform for (nano)safety assessment printed poster only Kohl Yvonne
777 P-01-02-45 Large scale studies of the influence of GMO-based corn diet after 6 months of consumption in Wistar rats printed poster only salles bernard
778 P-04-12-06 Detecting GI toxicity earlier than in dog: developing the first in vitro assay to predict clinical diarrhea printed poster only Hubinska Maria
779 P-07-06-17 Development of Novel Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) for Botanical Extracts printed poster only KAWAMOTO Taisuke
780 P-04-07-10 EpiOcular time-to-toxicity protocol (ET-50 assay) in the safety assessment of cosmetics - a retrospective review printed poster only Milasova Tatiana
781 P-04-06-14 Cadmium as oxidative stress inducer in brain of subacutely exposed rats and its implication on zinc level e-poster only Bulat Zorica
782 P-09-02-75 Round Robin Study to Evaluate the Reconstructed Human Epidermis Model as an In Vitro Skin Irritation Test for Medical Devices e-poster and printed poster Coleman Kelly
783 P-09-02-76 Evaluation of schisandra extract using sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes and b-clear® technology for the prediction of clinically relevant clearance interactions e-poster and printed poster Roe Amy
784 P-09-01-13 Aldehyde oxidase metabolism route inhibition via sodium tungstate in imidacloprid exposed rabbits e-poster only Vardavas Alexander
785 P-07-03-18 Behavioural analysis of new pyridoindole derivatives after chronic mild stress e-poster only Koprdova Romana
786 P-09-03-33 Development of a semi-automated database for telomere length statistics e-poster only Alegkakis Athanasios
787 P-04-07-11 Characterization of a yucatan minipig laser-induced choroidal neovascularization model of neovascular age-related macular degeneration e-poster and printed poster Bartoe Joshua
788 P-05-03-29 Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers in rat brain exposed to diazinon and yttrium oxide nanoparticles e-poster only Navaei-Nigjeh Mona
789 P-03-02-18 Investigation of genotoxicity risk in healthcare workers that has occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs printed poster only Oltulu Cagatay
790 P-04-02-10 Potency ranking of dermal sensitizing chemicals using the IVSA and epiCS® skin tissues printed poster only DeGeorge George
791 P-01-01-27 Effect of six oximes on total oxidant and antioxidant status in brain of rats intoxicated with a direct acethylcholinesterase inhibitor e-poster only Antonijevic Evica
792 P-03-02-19 NEOGENE Project - genetic and epigenetic effects of in utero exposure to tobacco smoke. Rationale and design. e-poster and printed poster Costa Carla
793 P-04-02-11 The h-CLAT for assessment of dermal sensitization potency of the OECD Proficiency chemicals and of commercially available mixtures printed poster only Burgos Diana
794 P-09-01-14 Application of duplex sequencing for in vivo mutation analysis in the cII transgene and endogenous genes in Big Blue® mice e-poster and printed poster Young Robert
795 P-06-01-34 Effects of multi-walled carbon nanotube- silver hybrid on tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) e-poster and printed poster Zigiotto Aline Maria Zigiotto
796 P-06-01-35 Assessment of sex-related variability of biomarkers in sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) from Bizerte lagoon, Tunisia e-poster and printed poster Boussoufa Dhouha
797 P-04-03-19 Modulatory role of Ociumum basilicum (Al-Rehan) leaves against 4-tert-octyl phenol induced oxidative stress in rats printed poster only Rehman Hasibur
798 P-08-01-12 Pervasiveness of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia printed poster only Saggu Shalini
799 P-07-05-04 Comparison of Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) and Vitamin C  via Antioxidative and Epigenetic Effects in Human printed poster only Yang Mihi
800 P-06-01-36 Influence of the Selected Nanomaterials and Micro-pollutants on the Environment e-poster and printed poster Majerová Michaela
801 P-05-03-30 Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of graphene-family nanomaterials in RAW 264.7 mouse macrophages e-poster and printed poster Oliveira Helena
802 P-07-03-19 The study of cytotoxic activity of new berberine derivatives on cancer and non-cancer cell lines printed poster only Švédová Alexandra
803 P-04-11-12 e-poster and printed poster Rahimifard Mahban
804 P-01-01-28 Cellular and molecular mechanisms of the protective effect of silybine on stress-induced premature senescence in rat embryonic fibroblast cells cells e-poster and printed poster Baeeri Maryam
805 P-05-03-31 Toxicity and biological responses (in vitro) influenced by aggregation and agglomeration of manufactured nanomaterials printed poster only Murugadoss Sivakumar
806 P-09-02-77 In vitro reconstructed human corneal tissue model: applications to corneal oxidative stress, dry eye, and ophthalmic drug delivery printed poster only Smolicek Ivan
807 P-04-01-06 Evaluation of long term low dose exposure to mixtures on the lymphocytes of the peripheral blood of rats e-poster only Tsatsakis Aristidis
808 P-02-02-04 Bisphenol AF: Does bisphenol AF glucuronide have endocrine activity? e-poster and printed poster Peterlin Mašič Lucija
810 P-08-01-13 Association of PCBs and DDTs exposure with infertility in Pakistani population e-poster only Tsatsakis Aristides M.
811 P-04-04-10 Contrast-induced nephropathy in animal model e-poster only Fragiadoulaki Irene
812 P-08-01-14 Elevated levels of DDTs and PCBs in head hair of infertile people from Pakistan e-poster only Tsatsakis Aristides M.
813 P-07-02-04 A rare death case of an ex-heroin user due to massive hemorrhage e-poster only Tsatsakis Aristides
814 P-08-01-15 Phenolic endocrine disruptors’ concentration levels in hair of Greek pregnant women e-poster only Tsatsakis M. Aristidis
815 P-07-02-05 Alcohol and toxicologicalfindings in drowning cases in Crete, Greece e-poster only Tsatsakis Aristides
818 P-04-05-18 Results of the project NanoEmission - Effects of Bariumsulfate nanoparticles before and after waste incineration processes on human lung cells printed poster only Schumann Berit
819 P-09-02-78 Cytotoxic properties of lactate ester alkoxylates in relation to various EO/PO-alkoxylation degrees e-poster only Fayyaz Susann
820 P-04-08-07 Transcriptome comparison of air pollutants-induced effects on human keratinocytes printed poster only Na Hye-Won



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